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Manually sort folders by using Tags


I could not find a place on your website to leave a question. Is there a place there or should I always e-mail the question?
From tonight's town hall (which was great, btw) I asked about file naming and you requested that I put my question in writing for you to research.

In Finder/Pictures/2014/Outer Banks I want to have 5 folders named raw, working, hdr, ready for web, and ready for print. I would like the 5 folders in that order. The only way I can get that to work is to add a numerical prefix (1,2,3,4, and 5). However, I would like to avoid using that method. It will be a nuisance each time I download images to have to add the numbers. Any way to arrange the folders manually in certain places without making a global change?

Thanks again for the town hall.

You can always just email the question to me directly at Otherwise, there’s a link to email your question on the answers page at (top right corner)

On to the question...What you’re hoping to do is customize the order of your folder contents and apply that order change only to that particular folder.

Idea one: Use Tags. Tags are fairly new to the Finder in Mac OS X. Tagging any file will put a small piece of metadata into the file and then you can manually sort tags using the left hand column of finder. You can tag multiple items at one time. So you’ll select say 150 pictures and tag them “ready for web”. Don’t worry. You won’t have to type the entire phrase each time. Essentially, you’re building a library of tags. 5 in your case. This should work very well.

Idea two: Use the left hand column of the finder. Drag the important folders to the left column where you can drag them into what ever order you like.

If neither of these will work for you because maybe you’re more interested in Folder contents, then I can take another swing at it. But I think you’l be happy with the results through the power of tags once you get the hand of it.

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