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Important Note: It would seem a recent update to MacOS has triggered a permissions issue with Mail and opening attachments. I've had several people this week report the exact same issue. So far I've only found temporary solutions. Please see my answers section for more detail. If you are experiencing this issue, send me a screenshot along with what version of the operating system you are on. I'll try to find a fix before Apple does. For now, if you've not updated your computer lately, don't. Effected so far are Big Sur and Monterey 12.4.1. 12.5 is on the way but I don't yet know if that will fix this issue.

Usually about 90% of all session needs can be resolved via online session. Please feel free to
email me if you have a question as to whether your needs will require an in-person session or not.

Note: I do not currently offer technical support via text message.

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