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COVID Update 10/6: Despite NC moving into its Phase 3, looks like the numbers are back to an upward trend once again with yesterday marking the highest number of positive cases to date at 2404 as of October 6th. Because of this upward trend I will continue to maintain my work from home policy. I very much regret that I cannot currently assist clients in-home but I have to take in to account several factors including the fragility of many of my elderly clients as well as members of my own family. I must consider, not only myself, but all clients who I may risk transferring the pathogen to throughout a normal workday. (Keep in mind, I would not only be entering your residence but several others throughout the day.)

It looks like I’ll be remote only for quite some time to come. I am doing dropoff/pickups (while not entering homes) and remote sessions work with almost all issues, the two main exceptions are wifi networking and printer problems.

You can find the latest NYTimes COVID case numbers
Another great resource for all the latest COVID numbers as well
NC Department of health numbers
National CDC numbers

Reminder: I DO NOT currently offer technical support via text message or phone. Email correspondence is strongly preferred. I'm happy to answer questions via email. Including a screenshot along with your question is also helpful.

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