Terms and Conditions.

The fine print...

Pricing/Terms of Service:

General Service:
On-site rate is $140 per hour and $130 for remote sessions with a one hour minimum then prorated by the quarter hour afterward. Desktop wiping/recycling can be provided for $40 per desktop and $20 per laptop. Tablets and phones I will recycle at no cost. Technical support is not provided via phone or text message.

Service Range:
A $15 travel fee applies for all sessions (including pickups for hard drive replacements) immediately outside Interstate 485 and increases proportionately in relation to distance traveled outside Interstate 485. Clients residing
North of Lake Norman/Mooresville, East of Concord, West of Gastonia, or south of Fort Mill are encouraged to schedule online sessions.

Appointment Conditions:
An adult is required onsite at the time of services unless prior arrangements have been discussed. Services will not be provided if no adult is present.

If the need arrises to reschedule or cancel a session, a link is provided in your confirmation email. No penalty will be assessed for canceling or rescheduling sessions up to 2 hours in advance. A $30 fee will be charged for missed or cancelled sessions within 2 hours of the session time. (Town Hall cancellations not required)

Payment is due at time of service in the form of check, cash or credit card. (Clients choosing to pay via credit card may do so online via the link provided in the invoice.) A 3% service charge will be assessed for credit card payments made online. There is currently no late payment fee therefore prompt payment is greatly appreciated.

Town Hall:
Town Hall is offered twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Attendees are required to sign up to reserve their seat for the evening. Town Hall is free for recent clients who've scheduled in-home or online support within the last two months. Within each paid invoice, clients will find an access code valid for four sessions or up to two months (which ever comes first) they can use to sign up at no cost at www.sellsconsulting.com/townhall. Less recent or potential clients can sign up for Town Hall at the cost of $10 per class (payable via the signup tool)

Town Hall is intended as a general question/answer class. It is not intended to completely solve very specific issues an attendee may be experiencing. For more in-depth assistance, clients are encouraged to schedule in-home or private one-on-one remote sessions. Town Hall may be recorded and shared publicly at a later date. While reasonable effort will be made to remove sensitive information that may be exposed during the class before publishing, attendees should consider Town Hall a public forum.

Group/Workshop Rates:
1-150 $460
50-100 $560
100-200 $660 (not including travel)

*access codes expire on the 1st of each month
**access code required

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