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Daughter's messages showing up on my computer!

Why are may daughter's texts showing up on my computer in addition to my own? This isn't happening on my phone.


On your computer, open the Messages app then go to Message preferences. (Under the word “messages” in the menu bar. Then uncheck all the emails and phone number associated to daughter.

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 10.55.17 AM

In the long run, we really should separate her completely from your account but that would require working with her device(s) and making sure she has her own AppleID so this doesn’t happen in the future.

Why can't I open attachments in my mail?

I can't open these attachments…

So based on the Screenshot you provided, you are using Chrome to go to, logging in to your email through their website to check your mail. This could be solved by using a proper email program to handle mail. You have the Apple Mail program on your computer that you could easily set up your aol account and any other email accounts for that matter. An actual email program (as opposed to a website) will be a way better choice to handle attachments. Yes, should be able to handle attachments but to be frank, aol is terrible. Nothing works there. You could try right clicking the attachment and possibly you’d have the option to download within the right click menu but the real answer is: use a different interface to check your mail. Long story short: instead of going to the website to check your mail, set your mail up in the Apple Mail app. To do this, you’d open system preferences, go to Internet accounts, choose AOL, add the account. Then look in your applications folder, find Mail, launch it, and problem should be solved.

Logging in to your AppleID on an iPod touch

Can you remind me what to look at on my daughters iPod to turn on cloud service so her photos port over?

On the iPod touch: Go to Settings then at the top she may already be logged in to her Apple ID. If so, touch her name and on the next screen touch the "iCloud" setting. From there you'll be able to toggle on/off Photos. You want iCloud photos turned on and most people check "optimize iPhone storage".

If she is not logged in to her Apple ID under settings, you'll obviously want to do that first.

Why won't my music sync to my phone?

Why won't my music move over to my phone?

First thing I would check is to compare the song's purchase ID to your current Apple ID. Almost everyone has more than one AppleID in their lives so it's not uncommon to see songs from different AppleID's through the years. To find out this, select the song in the Music app and right click to "Get Info". Then select file. The next window will show what appleID purchased the song. If this is the same as your current AppleID on your phone, then the problem lies elsewhere. But there's where I'd start.

Why won't all my songs transfer over to my phone?

I can not put a “playlist” I’ve put together on iMac on my phone. Out of 12 songs it will only transfer the first 3

it may be caused by lack of permission of the song. In other words, if the song was purchased under a different ID than the one your phone is logged into, those songs would not transfer. The problem could also be caused by the music file type. Say if they were .wav files as opposed to .mp3 for instance. There are other reasons as well. These are just the first two that come to mind.

How do I use a google calenar on a mac?

How do I put something on my apple calendar that is not connected to google sync. I think I just add and use gmail account. Is that right?

If so, how do I change the color?

Ok, pretty big question so here goes:

Apple's calendar program will absolutely sync with your google calendar so there's no need to have to go to to check your calendar. To ensure your google calendar is flowing into Apple Calendar, go to system preferences/internet accounts the select the google account for which you want calendars, and check the box on the right next to calendars.

Next, go into the Apple Calendar (if it's not in the dock already you can find it in the Applications folder) and check the left side to see the new google calendars have started to appear. It may take around 2 minutes for all events to populate. Keep in mind, just as in Apple email, your calendar will have a default. Which means if you go to add an event, one calendar will be the normal one. To check which calendar you have set as your default calendar, go to preferences (located under "Calendar" in the menu bar right next to the apple in the top left corner of your screen.)

In my opinion, it's not a good idea to leave it as "selected calendar" as you sometimes end up with events in calendars you didn't mean to put there.

As for colors, the way calendars work across all platforms is that colors are assigned to a specific calendar, not to individual events. In other words, you color an event by what calendar it's assigned to, not to the event itself. This means all your holidays will be one color because they are the holiday calendar, all your carpool events will be the color of the carpool calendar, and so on.

Lastly, keep in mind that each google account can have calendars. iCloud can also have calendars. So there's a good chance you have some calendars showing in your Apple Calendar program that you don't care about.

In my example above, I have unchecked certain calendars as to not clutter my daily view. You can see that I have iCould calendars and google calendars. Apple will also use Siri to look into your mail to find potential events then automatically add them to your calendar. "Siri Suggestions". I normally turn these off.

If you have any difficulty working your calendar integration into Apple Calendar, feel free to schedule an online remote session and we can work it out. Hope that helps.

Can you erase things off the internet?

I was wondering if you had the capability of erasing things from the internet? I know this is an odd question but a friend's ex husband is running for office and let’s just say his views do not line up with hers and she would like to distance herself as much as possible. Perhaps you know someone who can help if this is not your expertise.


I do get this question often and the answer is no. Don’t let anyone sell you any service that says they can do this. The internet is forever no matter what anyone tells you. There are of course, limited things one can do such as close social media accounts, but it is impossible to remove the historical fact that something was posted on any number of sites. If this WERE possible, every person ever having run for anything in the last ten years would be perfect citizens.

Am I out of space?

keeps trying to update with macOS Monterey…but can never complete. I don’t think this mac has enough space….anyway, what do i do and how do I download the latest security upgrade from Apple?

Not enough space is very often the reason one cannot complete updates. To see how much space you’re currently using you can go to “about this Mac” under the apple in the top left corner of the screen then select “storage”. Generally, you’d need about 30+ gigs available in order for updates to run comfortably.

In this same area you can check what version of the operating system your running as well. Going from one OS to a newer one does take a lot of space. Catalina to Big Sur to Monterey to a few months away called Ventura.

Let me know how much space you have and what OS you’re on.

Which hard drive to get?

Hi Scotty. I’d like to order a MacBook Pro/M2. From what you’ve seen of my activities, do you think I can save some $’s with 256 GB SSD vice 512GB?

ersonally I would avoid getting a 356 drive. 512 minimum these days in my opinion. I run into too many people who are out of space on 256 even just as minimal users.

Which MacBook pros support the most external monitors?

Big question, how many monitors will it support with a docking station and on the computer its self? I had an on line conversation with a Appletech rep who answered 2 with external connectons. I didn’t feel like going through the sales pitches to get another question answered. I would like three monitors. I wonder if there are two hook ups to the docking staton and another to the lap top? I believe you told me you had three and the CPU can support five?

The MacBook Pro 13" M2 only supports one external monitor…

MacBook Pro 13-inch - Tech Specs - Apple

The MacBook Pro 14” M1 (M2 not yet available in the 14”) supports 2 additional displays at 6K or 4 displays if you get the M1 Max chip. The four displays would be 3 running at 6k and one running at 4K.

MacBook Pro 14- and 16-inch - Technical Specifications - Apple

Any docking station is not going to add more monitor capability. That is driven by the graphics portion of the M chip. There are external graphics card adapters one can purchase but I avoid those.

Application cannot be found error

Links I click on are telling me the application can't be open but they're just normal links. Not related to applications. Error 10673

Try first going to system preferences under General and changing the default browser to Chrome then try the links again. The links should behave normally at the moment. If they do, switch the default browser back to Safari and try again. Just toggling the default browser may resolve the issues.

If that doesn't resolve it, let me know. We can take further action. This is a known problem in MacOS lately. Seen it several times.

Can't make changes to my child's parental controls to log out.

I went thru the steps we discussed and, though I can now view the Apple ID settings, the sign out portion is still greyed out “due to restrictions.” Do I need to turn off Screen Time for that family member completely?

From Wife’s phone you should be able to go to Settings/Her account name/Family Sharing/Screen Time/Child’s name/ the select to turn off screen time. Then on child’s phone perhaps turn off then back on again and you Should be able to make changes. Let me know if not. You could also send me a screenshot of the setting that’s still greyed out. Or just take a pic with your own phone.

Time Machine seems very slow.

Seagate is finally downloading. Tells me it will take 14 hours for first completion. That seems impossible. I feel like there is some corruption. Promise this is last message.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 2.14.06 PM


In the last couple years, Apple has locked out other programs from having full access to things so something like Grammarly may hit a wall when the Apple Operating System blocks it from certain functions. That screen shot seemed to indicate that Grammarly was asking that you grant it permission for time machine use. That could have been why it took so long to complete. If you continue to have issues, you can schedule remotely and we can look at permissions issues within System Preferences. There may be something there slowing Time Machine’s process down.

Alerts on the mac bothering me

had a Zoom radio show interview again last week and got several alert “dings” in the middle. Luckily, this hasn’t happened before! I can’t let this happen again. I need to turn off all sound notifications on my computer going forward. I have a very important Zoom Podcast on Monday and really must address this. Can you advise me how we need to proceed?

All notifications are handled via the Notifications area in system preferences. If you can remember what type of alert you saw, ie: calendar, email, iMessage, etc.. then you could go into system preferences, select Notifications, find the corresponding service, then disable alerts completely for that specific service.

I don't want to subscribe to Office.

I don’t like pages and want MS Word on my MAC but don’t want the subscription.

I’ve read there were issues with installing MS Word 2021 purchase for Home and Student.

What are your thoughts?

Three Office plans:

1. Subscribe for multiple computers $99 a year. (Up to 6 computers) Includes Outlook (which no very people use on a Mac), Mobile iPad versions of Office, and One Drive space (which you don’t really need if you already use iCloud Drive or Google Drive or Dropbox.)

2. Subscribe for 1 computer $69 a year w/ all the same as above.

3. Buy it outright for $160 with no upgrades. Also none of the above add-ons. Microsoft doesn’t want you to use this option because they make more money off of you if you subscribe. So they try to dissuade people from this option by removing the above mentioned. Most people get along just fine with the buy-it version. Only major issue would be if you wanted to use it on more than one device. Only issue is that they sort of hide this option on their site. You have to dig a little to reveal it.

I’ve not run into any issues installing Office on a Mac recently at all and I do many installs a month. Maybe when the first M1 chips came out about 2 years ago but nothing lately at all.

Which laptop? Buying advice

I am going to purchase a new laptop and give my oldest daughter my MacBook Air (I have the 13 inch 16 GB 2020). I would like a bigger screen and am looking at the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros. Do you have thoughts on which one is a better computer? Do you recommend purchasing it directly from Apple? I do not travel much with mine; I most often use it sitting at my desk. I mostly use it for emails, Slack communications with my work group, photos and videos, zoom calls. I am planning to purchase it in the next few weeks and would then like to set up an appointment with you to transfer everything to my new computer and clear out this current one to give to my daughter when she comes to visit in early August. I’d love your thoughts,


Between the 14 and 16, both are equal in terms of speed. Apple didn’t limit the 14” in power this time around so either would be a great choice. Just be sure you purchase the appropriate amount of hard drive space on your new computer. So many people buy too small a drive and can’t fit all their old data onto it. In general a 1TB is usually a good bet. But to see exactly how much space you’re taking up on your current computer, go to the apple in the left corner, choose “about this Mac” then select storage. It will tell you how big your current drive is along with how much data you are using.

One thing to consider is possibly purchasing a second monitor down the road. It doesn’t have to be an apple monitor! Just any nice monitor will connect to your laptop and give you double the screen space. Then when you want to travel, just unplug it and take it with you. We can discuss the pro’s of that some time.

What does this message mean?

I ordered the hard drive you recommended and got the cord fixed. This morning when trying to backup computer this is the message that appeared. I have no idea what this means. The back up isn’t starting.



Every hard drive comes with its own (crappy) software. I usually erase the drive before using it with time machine. However, time machine will do this for you. Open system preferences, go to the time machine pane, then choose select backup. Once you select your new drive (as long as it’s plugged in) it will reformat it for you, therefore removing all the garbage software that came with it.

How do I scan?

Ho do I scan?

It's better to use the built in software that comes on the Mac rather than trying to use the scanning feature directly from the computer.

1. Search your computer for "Image Capture". It comes on every Mac and you can find it in the applications folder. You can also use the spotlight search tool (the magnifying glass in the top left corner of your screen) to search for it.

2. After you've opened Image Capture, select the scanner you'd like to use on the left column.

3. If you see a button in the lower part of the window that says "Show details", click it to see more options on the right. If you now see a button that says "Hide details", you're on the right track.

4. Using the options on the right, you can make choices like whether to scan from the feeder or the glass, what quality you want the scan to be, where you want it to go, what you want to name it, etc…

5. Hit scan.

If you are just trying to make a copy of a document then use the printer itself. But for Scanning, it's best to just use Image Capture from your computer.

Graphics card not switching on Macbook Pro

Why is Photoshop telling me I don't have enough video ram on my 2015 MacBook Pro?

Here’s what I think is going on…

Your computer has 2 graphics cards like all MacBook pros of that era. The reason for two graphics cards was for your computer to be able to save battery life while on the go by using a less powerful one, then when plugged in, your computer could switch to the better one.

In Catalina (your current OS) this setting to enable graphics card switching was found in Energy Saver settings in system preferences. After Catalina…Big Sur and now Monterey, this setting has moved to “Battery”.

I’ve asked the computer to prefer only the more powerful card since you are plugged in most of the time but it’s not making the switch as it should. (usually requires a log out or restart to take effect.)

Therefore when you open Photoshop, it’s telling you “hey, you’re using the lower power graphics card. We want the more powerful one”.

Since this is not happening in Catalina, I suggest when you’re able, update the OS to the latest version of MacOS Monterey and after the update is complete, go into System prefs and then into Battery and uncheck “automatic graphics switching”. Restart and theoretically, the problem should be corrected. More info here:

Set graphics performance on MacBook Pro - Apple Support

Catalina was never great at the auto switching of graphics cards so I have higher hopes that the later OS will resolve this. Let me know if you have any questions.

Should I move to google's offerings for my business?

Should I move my business over to Google's webmail and google docs as opposed to Word and Apple Mail or Outlook?

That’s a pretty big step. It really comes down to how forward thinking you want to be. Google docs seems to be the future. Most of your generation is already there. My generation is screaming and crying to into it.


Much easier collaboration
Avaialble on any platform.
Can work offline anywhere since no internet connection is required for word.
Easy to move from computer to computer. You’re not tied to any specific device ever.


Not as robust. You’re not going to be working on a massively detailed annotated bibliography within google docs.
Probably less secure since it lives 100% on the web.
Need to be connected to the internet
Organization of documents is clumsy.
Keep in mind, you'd most likely be moving your calendar and contacts into Google's cloud as well.
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