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Who faxes anymore?

If I am sharing info with family members, all with Mac or me addresses over our home wifi, is that considered secure…as secure as a fax?

Do you recommend any particular online fax service?

I would consider info that travels over your home wifi to be safe as long as you're using WPA2 or WPA3 encryption. Computer to computer data transfer isn't even utilizing the internet so there's nothing unsecure there either.

Faxing is an extremely antiquated technology and I would not consider anything about faxing to be safe. There are no security protocols associated with the act of faxing that I can even think of. The need for faxing has almost completely disappeared but I am sure there are a few people who still use it. Verisign (or e-signing) a document has taken the place of printing, signing, scanning, and re-sending a document back. PDFs can now even place your signature directly on a document without the need to print it out.

Lastly, the most unsecure part of faxing is that the end result is a piece of printed paper laying on a tray in someone's office. I would say that is extremely unsecure.

The only online fax service I even know of at this point is
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