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Why all the terms of service?

We just wanted to know what is Apple asking us to sign with the new iCloud terms and conditions?

Happy to correspond and answer as best I can any time. Whenever Apple’s lawyers change something in the terms of service, like privacy policy, liability of software updates, monetary change to subscription services, etc… they force us to agree to the terms of service once again. It’s their way of covering themselves against those out there that find reason to sue or join in on class action law suits.

A simple example might be that Apple may change the description of their battery performance on the iPhone 10 from 12.7 hours to 12.5 hours. They then push the terms of service out again for us to agree to, then when your battery doesn’t perform the way you first thought it would, the newer terms of service would have lowered that expectation that you agreed to (without reading) and therefore can’t bring litigation onto them.

That’s really what it’s all about in my opinion.
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