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November 2011

Saving voicemails on the iPhone

Hi Scotty,
We were having problems getting access to the internet.
Called the cable people and they came in and determined the problem was THEIR modem not getting a signal from OUR Time Capsule router.
They confirmed this by hooking the modem directly up to our desk top computer and it worked perfectly.
Then they added the TC router back in and the modem started to reset itself over and over again.
So somehow our Time Capsule is causing our Modem to reset it self over and over.
Is this a common problem you are aware of that can be solved by a simple solution?
I've tried checking your archive of answers but could not find anything. If it is there can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you Scotty,


Well this really makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. To say that a router is causing the modem to reset is equivalent to saying that it's the child's fault that the parent keeps forgetting to pick up milk at the grocery store. In the end, modems and routers deal with one thing, IP addresses. It's the modem's job to pass one number to the router, from that point the router takes that one IP address and breaks it into many addresses called a sub network. The router doesn't give any communication back to the modem that could cause the modem to reset itself. It really doesn't make any sense to me. But I've not seen everything either so I guess anything is possible.

So how to troubleshoot the issue. One way would be to try a different router but since that's not economically viable, you could instead just completely reset the Time Capsule's firmware (the latest build is 7.6) and see if that helps. I do believe there is another issue here and my experience tells me that Time Warner modems fails about 30 times more often than Apple routers. Apple routers do fail but rarely. But like I said, I suppose anything is possible.
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