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Hey Scotty-
Long time, no chat!  I'm actually getting close to buying another mac so I'll eventually need to have you come back over to set up my network at home!  In the meantime, can you give me a quick few tips on how to get my firefox recharged?  It's super slow.  I think I removed cookies but there has to be more to it.  Also, sometimes, I get emails and it looks like they are directed to one of my friends (i.e., an email was sent to me from a food service and the "To" section says "To:other name" not "To: my name". Very bizarre!  I left my hubby with my computer for a week unsupervised and this thing is a mess!!


Firefox speed can be hampered by having too many 3rd party plugins. You can always clear the cache manually from the prefs as well. But since Firefox’s main advantage is the ability to add extentions to it, that’s also a potential for sluggishness.

Second, as far as the email question, this is very common as spammers will often hide the to/from address. It’s not related to anything anyone did on your end. More has to do with who sent it and how they configured the header info in the email before it went out.

Hope all is well.

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