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Blackberry can sync...sort of.

Hey Scotty

I went to get a photo today and my iphoto has no pictures in it.  Help!!!!  


There’s a very good chance that iPhoto doesn’t see the library. I would first try opening iPhoto with the option key pressed. You’ll be presented with a dialogue box (depending on your version of iPhoto) that allows you to select the library. By default your iPhoto library resides in your user’s folder in pictures. If you’re using iPhoto 11 (the latest version) it will detect all the valid iphoto libraries on your mac and will list them when you start up iPhoto holding down the option key.

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Syncing the Blackberry to a Mac

If you’re having trouble booting from a recently installed external FW drive here’s something to consider. Go to disk utility, then select to partition the drive. In the volume scheme, select “2 partitions” then click on one of the partition areas. You’ll now see that the Options button below is selectable.

Click Options and be sure to select GUID if you’re booting an intel based Mac. Some drives factory-ship with other schemes therefore denying a bootable firewire drive from working even though the OS seemed to install.

Blackberry sync on a Mac

HI Scotty,

Is there a way you could sync my work Mac with my home mac? I want to be able to have access to the same emails and word doc's.

Does that make sense?


Yes there are a couple of ways to consider.

To sync emails you would want to use an IMAP email account like gmail, mobileme or aol. Stay away from, or yahoo emails. These are POP and POP does not sync over multiple computers.

To answer the second part of your question, syncing word docs can be done via iDisk if you are a mobileme user or if you'd like to do it for free, then you can use dropbox.

It syncs a folder across many macs or PC's and it works perfectly.

Blackberry or iPhone?

Can’t figure out the book thing but maybe you got my earlier question.
Thank you--


Apple has a tutorial on creating books within iPhoto.  Hope this helps.

iPhoto Tutorial: Apple - iLife - Tutorials - iPhoto - Automatically Create an iPhoto Book

Blackberry requires this app for Missing sync...

I continue to have problems getting on Nick's network after I return from a trip, using another network.  Suggestions? Thanks


Remembering that you have more than one network available I would suggest you be sure that you are actually on the airport network.  You have an airport network and a linksys network.  I would stay off the linksys and connect only to the airport network.  I don't recall what your network was called however.  You can switch between wireless networks by clicking the radar icon in the menu bar.

BlackBerry Storm and Missing Sync

So you’re not getting your email and you think it may be getting marked as spam.

Apple’s mail application has great junk mail filtering. (maybe too good at times). There are basically three levels to this.

1. Mark it as junk (brown by default) and leave it in the in box.
2. Mark it as junk and move it to the junk mail box (junk mail box is only visible if junk mail filtering is activated.)
3. perform custom actions such as moving it to another folder, deleting it immediately etc...

Junk mail is not on by default so I doubt the emails being sent to you are being caught as spam. One other thing to consider is that if the email you’re not getting is through a POP email account (as opposed to an IMAP account) then there is a more logical answer.

POP email can be removed from the server by any computer that has an email client with your email address in it. In other words, if you have a windows machine or other mac checking the same email account, then there’s a good chance that it is set to remove it from the server before your mac has a chance to read it. POP email is old school. I would bet that’s what’s happening here.

But FYI: to check your junk mail folder just click on the junk mailbox in apple’s mail.

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