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Is someone using my computer secretively?

Hi Scotty,
Got my iPhone backed 
Up and went to apple store and had phone 
Replaced. Now it is telling me I need to buy more
Memory because I only have 23.5mg left.

iCloud does a lot of really nice things. Syncs pictures, contacts, calendars, even syncs some documents if you are using Apple’s version of Microsoft word called “Pages”. But it also offers a backup. This is a very misunderstood portion of iCloud. I do not currently recommend using the setting found on your iOS device (iPad or iPhone) within iCloud to backup your device. And here’s why: By default, Apple gives you 5 gigs of iCloud storage. Every iOS device out there is at least 8 gigs, if not larger. So you will quickly fill up your online iCloud backup space. Apple is kind of hoping for this so they can convince you to purchase more space. I think purchasing more iCloud storage space is unnecessary. If you think about it, your apps don’t need to be backed up since you can re-download them at any time. Your contacts and calendars don’t need to be backed up because iCloud is syncing those regardless of whether you set your iOS device to back up or not. Your pictures are moving over to iPhoto via photo stream as long as you have photo stream turned on. Your music already lives somewhere else since it either came from iTunes or your purchased it through the iTunes store therefore you would have access to re-download it again anyway. That leaves two things, app arrangement and video you shoot. I suggest sticking with your computer as the backup. You can even set up iTunes to backup your iOS device wirelessly.

So my recommendation is to go into your iOS device settings and under iCloud, turn off backup then connect your iOS device to iTunes and select to backup to the computer. . And don’t pay Apple any extra money for iCloud backup.

As a side note, many people I talk to think that iCloud is backing up all their pictures. This is not true. iCloud only syncs pictures you’ve taken within the last 30 days between devices. You still have to back up your computer using an external hard drive.
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