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Why aren't all my text messages syncing?

Can you let me know how to fix my messages on my phone? I believe I asked how to see texts from
A week ago. I can not figure out the corrrect settings 

First thing to check is that both your email address (appleID) and phone number are associated to each other.

On the phone go to Settings/Messages/. Now make sure “iMessage” is turned on.
Next, under “Send and Receive” be sure everything is checked. Phone number and any/all email addresses listed there.

Now, on the computer, open Messages then go to Message Preferences. Check all items as seen below including “Enable Messages in the Cloud” then hit sync.

Often the reason for not seeing all your texts is that the phone number and AppleID are not associated to each other. Therefore messages that were sent to you using one method might not show on all devices. Another popular reason is that the sender is using an Android phone therefore making their messages appear green. Green messages don’t always sync properly as they are handled exclusively by the phone company. 95% of all other messages are blue and are handled via Apple’s servers bypassing the texting plans on phone companies entirely.

Adding your phone number to iMessage

Scotty, texts that I send from my laptop are not showing up on my phone and vice versa. That is a new phenomenon since you were here and set up my new computer et. al. Any ideas what I have done to it??

Sounds like your phone number is not currently associated to your apple ID. To fix this, go to your phone: settings: messages. Now log into your apple ID to use with iMessage.

Next open iMessage on your computer. Now go to the preferences for that application. You should now see your iPhone phone number. Messages will now appear on both devices but deleting a message will not sync. That feature is not yet available.
This image is a theme.plist hack