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Why can't I email with a vpn on?

Thanks for your help by the way. I got Google Chrome and just signed up for Nord VPN. There weren’t a lot of instructions besides logging in once you pay. so I got that far, but now my emails are not sending. I have to turn it off to send. Can you help me with that?

There could be several possibilities. By the way, I experience the same issue on my own VPN as well. Most likely, your email provider is using Port 25 and most VPN's block port 25. Depending on the type of email you're using, gmail, iCloud, etc… you could try configuring your incoming/outgoing server settings with a different port. 587 is also a standard email port. You could try using a different location. Connecting to one IP may not work whereas another may allow the email through. You could also fall back to using a web browser to check email such as or etc… None are practical but as I say, security = inconvenience. Overall your best bet would be to find out if your email service has a alternative incoming/outgoing port. There may also be a setting within Nord that would allow it as well.

Is it time for a VPN?

Is it time for us to start using a VPN?

Yes. The federal government just passed a law allowing your ISP to monetize your info. In other words, they can now sell personal information they collect by viewing what you do via your internet connection. Here's the new law:

A VPN (virtual private network) hides your home's IP address by routing all your internet traffic through a third party server. It prevents your service provider from seeing exactly what you are viewing. They only see that you are connected. Not your content. If you do not care about your privacy, there is no need to consider using a VPN. However, if you prefer to keep your browsing habits and history private, you should be in the market for a VPN.

For a great place to get started familiarizing yourself with what a VPN does go to:

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