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I need help with ringtones.

I have spent hours (literally!) trying to install a custom ringtone on my phone.
I have created the file, converted it to AAC and made it an .m4r.
(I have done this both through Audacity and apple music)

I just cannot get it to show up on my phone.

At this point i have so many files on my computer its a mess!

I am SOOOO frustrated.


It’s a real shame that Apple has not made it easier to make custom ringtones. As with everything else in the world, it comes down to money. Ringtones are a pretty big industry and they don’t want to make it easy for you use songs you already own. They’d rather have you buy the same song twice. Nonetheless, there is usually a way to make it happen without having to buy songs first. Hopefully we can build a workflow for you to use to add ringtones to your phone. This has been a struggle for lots of people (including myself) for a very long time!
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