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How do I delete my facebook account?

How do I delete my Facebook account?

Keep in mind, Facebook doesn't want you to delete it because that means lost revenue for you so they keep it inactive for 30 days prior to deletion. Secondly, you'll see a way to save all your pictures prior to deletion so it may be a good idea for you to download everything you want prior to closing your account.

Connecting Instagram to Pintrest

Hey Scotty
Hope you are staying healthy!! Quick question. I have a ton of saved posts in my Instagram that I need to get on a Pinterest board. Insta gives me several options to save the pic to email or notes, etc, but not Pinterest. Is there a way to connect Pinterest or do I have to copy and paste each post to my pinterest board?

While I don't know of a way to do a mass migration or pin many pictures at once from instagram over to Pinterest, Insta does give the ability to connect one pic at a time.


Also, check out this service. I don't know anything about it and have never used it, but seems like it might be what you're looking for:

Connect your Instagram to Pinterest with IFTTT

Reseting a Snapchat password

How do I reset my child's snapchat password? I want to get into her account so I can delete it.

If you are unable to discover it. First you have to download the app, sign in with the original password, the change the password or delete the account. More info from Snapchat’s site can be found here:

How to Reset Your Password
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