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I am trying to figure out which battery to order for daughter’s Mac BookPro, and striking out!  All I know is that it is the 15 inch Mac Book Pro, 1.  I have a serial number for her current battery, but cannot figure out all the other stuff they are asking for on the website.  

Any thoughts?  There are several choices.


Battery Technology inc Battery for Macbook Pro 15.4in Laptop Batteries

This should be what you need.  Now just find who will sell it the cheapest.  

FW mode and time machine help

How do I get my all my contacts that were saved in my outlook email?  They all are gone.


User is running Parallels and has two installs of Windows...

They're not gone remember.  They are over in the other windows universe.  "Windows 7".  Go over to that virtual machine and export them using outlook into a .pst file.  It will be a selection to export within outlook.  Drag that over to the mac's desktop area.  Quit Windows 7 and now open the virtual machine Win Seven.  (I think that was the name of it.)  Now drag that .pst file into the Windows area and choose to import that pst file into Outlook.  That should do it.  

file sharing between macs

Do you recommend upgrading my 2 G5 imacs to Intel for Snow Leopard or can I get by with what I have.


Apple does not have plans to support G5’s in Snow Leopard. So that means that Leopard 10.5 will be the last operating system for G5’s.

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scotty-i installed the hp program on my wife's computer successfully,but could not complete setup because it says the printer model is not listed.i need help.please advise!


I would suggest directly plugging in the printer so the Windows machine has no problem detecting it. Window’s HP installer sometimes has the ability to detect the printer on the network but I’ve found you’ll save some time and frustration by just plugging the printer’s usb cable into the windows box long enough for it to install the proper driver. Then add it over the network later. That’s windows for you.

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My time machine disappeared. My time capsule shows up with Airport Utility, but it will not allow me to configure it as my time machine device. When I go to choose disk, nothing is there. Please help.


Here are several suggestions:

1. Be sure that first you of course on your own wireless network.
2. check system prefs/time machine, choose to change disk then reconnect to the airport disk once again.
3. try checking the status within airport utility. Sometimes you have to just cut your losses with Time Machine and start over again. You can erase the drive and start again. Not fun, but sometimes works.
4. It could be the hard drive inside the time capsule. Try connecting directly using ethernet.
5. try connecting from a second computer to eliminate the issue being the computer itself.
6. try reseting the time capsule by powering off (unpugging) then plugging back in
7. try turning off airport card then back on again.

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