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March 2024

How to check if contacts are syning

We're using a secondary iCloud account for contact syncing with our business but not sure if it's working. How can we check?

That should absolutely be the case. How to troubleshoot:

Create or edit a contact. I like to create unique contacts like “Santa Claus” or “Easter Bunny”.
Next, go to and log into that same account and see if the contact made it up to the cloud.
Next, go to her phone and search for the new contact. It should show up.

If it does not then the first thing to check is to see if you can find it manually within the correct list. Keep in mind, if she’s clicked on her personal contact list, it won’t be there but absolutely be there in All Contacts at the top as long as she has the secondary iCloud account added on her phone. I can’t recall whether we added that account to her phone or not. But easy to check. On her phones go to settings: Contacts: Accounts. There will be several accounts there and should include both her primary iCloud account and her business (secondary) account.

How to wipe your iPhone for a fresh start.

How do I wipe my iPhone and start all over again?

Before beginning, it’s not a bad idea to make a note of your favorite apps as they’ll be gone until you redownload them in the App Store at the end of this process.

If you go about wiping your phone completely, you’ll have to re-add your email accounts as well. As I said, it’s not the most elegant solution but it will resolve the issue as the problem is the corrupt iCloud data.

To proceed, on your phone go to Settings: General: Scroll to the bottom and select “transfer or reset”
Next choose to “Erase all content and settings.
You’ll probably be asked to enter your appleID password.
Don’t be alarmed by the auto generated email you’ll get saying “find my phone” has been disabled.
After the phone turns off and back on again, it’s essentially a brand new phone.
Walk through the setup process but DO NOT restore from a backup. Set up as new phone.

Your primary iCloud account is your however looks like you were logged into the store via your account so after the phone has finished the setup you may consider either sticking with as your new store account or moving back to the old account for the store ONLY.
Later, re-add each email address you care to check. Text messages should return and contacts will now be on your phone. Finally, go into the App Store and start re-acquiring the apps you like most.

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