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Running out of application memory.

Why am I seeing this message on my computer?


That means the applications, which borrow ram as they run, are out of ram. Usually when a program quits, it hands its’ ram back over to the computer for a new program to use it. Sometimes that process gets hung up and a computer can think it’s out of ram aka: memory. Restarting should take care of it. If not, I would want to investigate further. I can resolve it if needed. Do a restart and let me know if you see that message again.

My computer is running low on Memory.

This is the second time this week this message has popped up for me. Is there anything I can/should do to free up memory and prevent this?

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 9.33.04 PM

1. It would be great to know how much ram your computer has. Go to the black apple in the top left corner/About this Mac/Memory.
2. You can open activity monitor and kill processes that are unnessasary. There's a phenomenon called "hanging ram" where a program does not give back the amount of ram it asked for when it was opened. Using Activity Monitor can give you a good indicator as to what process may be hanging. There's a little too much detail to try to go over in this post but the answer usually lies in Activity Monitor.
3. Restart.
4. Restart into Safe Mode by holding down the shift key, then shut down and restart normally. This allows for certain items to clear from the computer's memory.
5. The numbers listed there are not abnormal amounts but there could be something not listed that is going crazy. Activity monitor will reveal that. (Select "memory" in the menu bar section then sort by usage.
6. It could just be that you don't have enough ram to leave AutoCad running in tandem with the other programs. Of the items listed, AudoCad is going to be the most demanding. You may have to just keep other apps closed when using it. That depends on how much ram you have installed. 4 gigs=very little. 8 gigs=adequate. 16=now you're talking. 32 gigs= you spared no expense.
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