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Songs in Apple music not moving over to the phone.

Hi scotty. I can’t remember what u told me to do when a song is on a playlist but it didn’t download on my phone - ?
Most of the songs did just a few show in grey but won’t play
I can’t remember the work around u gave me

If you saved the song via the Apple Music service (keep in mind you don't actually own that song, just renting access to it) then you should be able to right click or control+click on the song and see "download". However, if you don't see the download option in right click, there's something else going on. If that's the case, right click again on the song and "get info". Then select File over to the right and see if it was purchased on a different appleID. If the song was purchased under an old appleID then it may not move over until that device was authorized.

How do I get my music onto my phone?

You have shown us how in the past, but we are trying to get our whole music library downloaded on to our phones. We currently have home sharing and a bunch of music in the cloud and can't figure out how we got it from the cloud to our phones in the past.

There are a few different ways of doing this:

  • Download physical copies of your songs into iTunes then sync them to the phone. If songs are only in the cloud, they may not be available for streaming over the phone. Purchased songs via iTunes are always available on the phone given you are logged into the correct account. To download copies of your music into iTunes, log into the store in iTunes, find purchased items. Select songs, scroll to the bottom and you'll see an "download all" button. This will take up space on your hard drive.
  • Use iCloud Music Library. You pay an additional fee to Apple for this. ($25 annually) but that allows your iTunes library to live completely in the cloud, therefore available to be streamed over iPhones and iPads.
  • Just use a streaming service like Spotify or Amazon Music. (that's what all the kids are doing these days)

Home sharing is somewhat unrelated to listening to music on mobile.


Thanks Scotty.
We have hundreds of CDs that I have loaded on to my computer iTunes but now I can only see them on my computers. They don’t show up on iPad or phones. They must be in cloud as I see them on the other computer in iTunes, not Music. You’ve gotten us there before - we just can’t figure out how. And it seems criminal that apple has hijacked all of our music!!:)

I may not have covered everything clearly. It is possible for one computer in the home to share its music to other computers in the home. Home Sharing is the feature that allows that. However, home sharing carry over into iCloud. Home Sharing is local computers in one location only. That might explain why you can see your music on multiple computers in the home but not iOS devices. (iPhone/iPad)

By using iCloud Music Library (aka: iTunes Match) your Mac uploads all it's iTunes music to the cloud and makes it accessible on other devices logged in to the same AppleID in iTunes. $25 per year. I don't think Apple has hijacked your music. We can look at music in three general categories:

  • music purchased on CDs then imported into iTunes The is the older way of listening to music. If you've imported music from a CD then, unless you're using iCloud Music Library, Apple doesn't know you own that song and it will not appear in the Cloud.
  • music purchased in iTunes. You've bought permission to listen to the song for the rest of your life. You can choose to download it or not.
  • streaming music (One doesn't own this type of music. Rather we rent access to it, much like Netflix movies)

I'm sure we could work out what is going on with your music and correct the course so that you have access to all your music on all the devices you want. Happy to try to answer any other questions you might have.

iTunes playlist not moving to iPhone

I downloaded a playlist from a pen drive on my desktop and it is not syncing to my iPhone music. I have tried everything Incan think of. Any ideas?

There can be many reasons this has not succeeded. Let's discuss a few:

* The music may be from a different iTunes account and are not authorized to be played on your computer. If the music shows up in iTunes after dragging, you can double click to see if the track plays. If not, you can right click and get info then under "File" you can see if it was a purchased item.

* The file may just be unchecked in iTunes. Unchecked songs do not sync.

* Music could be an incompatible format. ex: wma, mkv, rm

*The "playlist" being drug may not even contain any music.

*iTunes may not be syncing music to the iPhone manually. There are other services such as iCloud music library or iTunes Match that move music to the iOS device over the internet instead of over a wire during a direct sync.

These are only a few possibilities. I would need more information to help more.

songs greyed out in itunes match

Got everything done, including the OS upgrade and the setting up of the 2nd backup.  Did the iTunes match and on the iMac everything looks good but not on the iPad.  I have a lot of songs that are grey out and not accessible.  The ones that I can play have aa cloud with a arrow pointing down on the right side of the screen.  How do I correct this?


Try going into the iPad settings under Music and turning off iTunes Match. Wait about 2 minutes then turn it back on. When you see the warning to replace all the music, select to enable that. Hopefully the greyed out songs will be gone and only your iTunes library (matched from the cloud) will be available.

Can I listen to iTunes match on a plane?

1. If I install iTunes Match on my iPhone am I still able to access the music on a plane/in car - anywhere without 4g or wifi? 2. When I started to install iTunes Match on my iPhone I never received the "delete music?" message that you told me to watch for. Do I manually delete? 3. After installing new software version got an iPhoto message "photo library update cannot be viewed on other devices" - what are the implications of that to iPad/iPhone/etc? Thanks on all

1. iTunes Match relies heavily on a data connection which means that when you click on a song it is streamed down to your device. This requires a data connection like wifi or 4G. However, iTunes Match does allow you to store songs locally on your device so if you want to listen to Bob Dylan’s greatest hits on the plane, you’ll need to click the cloud icon next to each song or whole album and if your iOS device has enough room, it will keep a copy of the song there for online listening.
2. As long as iTunes Match is actually turned on but you didn’t see the “delete music” warning, don’t worry about it.
3. This question is a little vague but I’ll give it a shot. iPhoto update on phone, iPad or computer? There are separate versions to each so it was probably telling you that if you want to use iPhoto on a different device you’ll need to go to each’s respective app store and download the appropriate version. We must also all keep in mind that iPhoto libraries do not sync across devices or computers. Generally I like to suggest that families choose one computer to store all their pictures. Therefore, iOS iPhoto versions are merely to edit a small number of pictures on the go.
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