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Can I listen to iTunes match on a plane?

1. If I install iTunes Match on my iPhone am I still able to access the music on a plane/in car - anywhere without 4g or wifi? 2. When I started to install iTunes Match on my iPhone I never received the "delete music?" message that you told me to watch for. Do I manually delete? 3. After installing new software version got an iPhoto message "photo library update cannot be viewed on other devices" - what are the implications of that to iPad/iPhone/etc? Thanks on all

1. iTunes Match relies heavily on a data connection which means that when you click on a song it is streamed down to your device. This requires a data connection like wifi or 4G. However, iTunes Match does allow you to store songs locally on your device so if you want to listen to Bob Dylan’s greatest hits on the plane, you’ll need to click the cloud icon next to each song or whole album and if your iOS device has enough room, it will keep a copy of the song there for online listening.
2. As long as iTunes Match is actually turned on but you didn’t see the “delete music” warning, don’t worry about it.
3. This question is a little vague but I’ll give it a shot. iPhoto update on phone, iPad or computer? There are separate versions to each so it was probably telling you that if you want to use iPhoto on a different device you’ll need to go to each’s respective app store and download the appropriate version. We must also all keep in mind that iPhoto libraries do not sync across devices or computers. Generally I like to suggest that families choose one computer to store all their pictures. Therefore, iOS iPhoto versions are merely to edit a small number of pictures on the go.
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