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March 2022

Microsoft Office update alert

Hey this has been popping up on my computer.


That message you’re seeing is a legit message from Microsoft asking you to update Office. Hitting OK should trigger the update tool. After running the update, the message should go away. In some instances, I’ve seen the need for Office to be needed to be reinstalled. If the message persists, you can log in to and download the office installer again. But hopefully just clicking OK and running the updater should take care of the problem.

Did I just expose my data?

Scotty - afternoon. I was expecting a package delivery today and was in a mtg and I opened a text with a link to an Arabic language site. Is there anything I need to do? I quickly shut off the phone and rebooted.



I think you’re most likely fine. Usually, just clicking the link will not cause you harm. It’s more about the NEXT steps you take like being tricked into entering personal information within that particular website. I suspect you’re ok.
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