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BellSouth's internet service is slow...what else is new?


Anne has a iphone 4.0.  She wants an ipad.  I don't want to pay $25 a month for the "ANYWHERE" accessible ipad service.  Mywi app i found on google.  Can we really turn her iphone 4 into a wifi hotspot so she can take the lower priced ipad and connect to the net via her iphone?

if yes, then i could buy the lower priced ipad right?


Yes. It is possible to do what you’ve mentioned however you’ll have to jailbreak your phone to do it. What that means is you’ll have to alter the normal software that Apple puts on it, with a modified version that can be found on the internet. The courts have declared it’s not illegal but Apple will most likely void the warranty o the phone if you were do so. Given my relationship with Apple as a consultant, I can not recommend doing this. Yes, it is possible with jailbreaking and jailbreaking the phone has become extremely easy. A simple google search will direct you to several sites you can just visit on your phone and you’ll be jailbroken. However, in the long run I think that jailbreaking is fun at first but a nusance in the long run. I’ve found that it tends to slow the phone down and make it much more unstable. Apps (not vetted through Apple) tend to crash a lot more.

I certainly am not recommending you pay even more money to ATT. I have the WiFi only iPad and I can’t blame you for wanting to share your phone’s connection. There’s also the possibility that ATT will detect more data being used through the phone and charge a fee for doing so. Just a few thoughts.

Is Clear internet service ready for prime time?

Scotty-my computer is going to go pretty quick I think...the lines are starting to show up more and more lately-just so I am ready....I have everything backing up to Time Capsule and did a back up to the back up last month.  Anything else I should do before it goes on its merry way to make things easier for a new computer?


Not really.  As long as you have a good back up.  Most likely the drive is fine as well so you can just transfer the info to the new computer via firewire cable when you get the new one.  It will go faster than pulling from a TM backup.   Especially if you're using FW 800.  If you don't have a cable though, it's not really a big deal.
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