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Can I move OneNote files to Dropbox

Can I move a OneNote document to Dropbox to store?

You could probably ask OneNote to begin saving its database to a different location like Dropbox but I think due to OneNotes’ file structure, I’d leave it in OneDrive personally. Again, don’t think of OneNote documents as something you’ll look at with anything other than OneNote itself. So it really shouldn’t matter too much as to where you store them.

Where does Onenote store documents on my computer?

Where is OneNote content stored?

OneNote seems to be working well. I signed on to the App using my husband’s Microsoft password and both Apps are working on my phone and I pad. My laptop, I Pad, and I phone all sync (meaning if I make a change one place—-it changes it everywhere).

Where is this info being stored? I don’t know how to find OneNote documents on my computer by going to Finder.

Are they stored on Microsoft’s OneDrive instead of in Apple ICloud?

By default, OneNote is going to want to store its data within Microsoft's OneDrive. That's why they ask you to log into a Microsoft account. In terms of looking at the OneNote data as just files, it's best not to think of it that way. Think of it more like you think of pictures, music, or movies. When you want to see one of your pictures, you open the app. Yes the picture is on your computer, but it's so buried in the file system, you're not going to open a folder just to look at it. It's not like word documents that live in a folder. OneNote is a tool that mashes many documents together so its file structure would be messy to look at. In other words, to look at OneNote documents, use OneNote.

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