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Notifications on iOS

I’m sitting here looking at news and watching TV.  My relatively new iPad is pinging away.  It makes this noticeable but not too loud pinging sound a lot and when it pings the little battery symbol on the top right flashes when the ping occurs.  Wondering if my battery is dying or something.  Curious if you have heard of that issue and whether I should worry about it. 

I’d just book an appointment but with this Covid thing we are trying to stay isolated due to my wife’s lack of any immunity due to her cancer treatments.  I would be pleased to pay for advice even if it is remote and by e-mail or phone.

While I can't find a correlation to pinging and the battery icon flashing, there is a possible explanation of the pinging itself. It's possible that you have notifications turned on for several different services like text messages, emails, FaceTime, etc… and each of those services can notify you audibly from your many iOS devices. You can choose to include sounds or not per service. I suggest you take a look on your iPad under "Notifications" and scroll down the list turning off "sounds" as a notification method until you find the one that is the pest.

I'm not currently entering residences myself but am working remotely via Zoom so feel free to schedule online if needed for a remote session.
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