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November 2022

Can I merge my texts and pictures from two different AppleIDs?

Hey scotty- hope all is well. Currently I have 2 iPhones - a work phone and a personal phone. Both phones have different Apple ID’s. I’d like to have both phone numbers on one phone ideally. In a perfect world I’d be able to move the text msgs and photos from my business Apple ID to my personal Apple ID. Is that possible?

So it sounds like you are abandoning the work AppleID for the personal one. Is that correct? If so, pictures wouldn’t be hard. Text messages will take some work. If we completely abandon the work AppleID then we could separate that phone number from that account therefore allowing it to marry a new account. It is possible to have several phone numbers attached to one AppleID but it is not possible for one phone number to be associated to two appleID’s at the same time.

The text piece of this will be the more challenging. We won’t be able to merge existing texts with each other but we can create an archive file of text messages in the form of a pdf if we had to. That would give you a searchable record of old texts but those would not be on a phone inside an app. They would be inside a document. Then going forward both phone numbers would receive text messages to the same device.

Not sure if you are planning to make calls from both numbers going forward but if so, you can consider having a dual sim for phone numbers so the phone will receive calls from two phone numbers. To my knowledge, even if you have a dual sim, you can still only use one AppleID.

Messages is quiting

My damn Messages on my iMac Pro is still f’d up.  Works on iPhone and iPad just fine.  
You know I’ll follow your lead.  What would you do if you were me?



Log out of messages
Delete the attachments folder. You don’t actually have to delete it. Just move it onto the desktop.
location of attachments folder is as follows:
in Finder, go to “Go” in the menu bar and hold down option.
you’ll now see “Library”. Select it.
go to Messages
move or delete the “attachments” folder

While in the hidden library folder, go to Preferences folder
Throw away the file(s) titled something similar to…. Or….
They will regenerate.

Start messages and log back in once again. Be sure once logged in, go to preferences for messages and check that both your phone number and email address(es) are all checked.

If these don’t solve the issue, you may want to move to Ventura. It’s in 13.0 right now so normally you wouldn’t want to upgrade until the .1 release.
But if it’s driving you crazy it may be worth it to you to risk the .0 release.

How do I get my sginature to show up on emails?

I was sending several emails that they don’t have my signature. I want my signature to go out with each email.

Apple’s signature system is a little goofy. Here’s how to check that the signature is assigned for all emails and set as the default.

In the example below, you see I have two signatures. One called “sells consulting” and the other called “C-22”. Notice to the left that of the three email accounts I have set up, only one of them has been assigned a signature. To assign a signature, you have to drag the signature from the middle column onto the left column. Then, with the email account selected in the left column, use the bottom area “Choose Signature” and select the sig. You should not see the word “none” on either of your accounts.

I don’t recall, but it is possible you have more than one email account set up and if you do be sure the signature is assigned to both. That way you can email from either address and your signature will apply.

If these settings are already set correctly, then there may be more to the issue but it doesn’t feel like it so far. However, if it still does not behave you feel it should, we could always remove the signature and re apply it.

Why isn't photoshop opening?

Hi Scotty, Why isn't my Photoshop opening?

There are many many reasons. Too broad a question.
This image is a theme.plist hack