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August 2021

Running low on Application Memory.

new iMac computer been slow pulling up stuff. Then get this?  What do I do?


Several things to try.

1. Quit or Force Quit all applications.
2. Restart.
3. Restart holding down command+option+p+r and listen for 3 chimes then release.

If neither of these resolve the issues, next step would be to go into the Activity monitor and try to discover the issue. Another consideration is how much free hard drive space you have. Application ram should be using the actual ram of the computer but can borrow from the hard drive temporarily. This could cause the issue as well.

While there can be many reasons one sees this message, in my experience, it's most commonly due to a "memory leak" caused by one program. When a program opens, it asks for ram. When the program is quit, it is SUPPOSED to release that ram back to the computer for some other program to use it later. Sometimes however, a program will just keep asking for more ram (forgetting that it already has enough.). By the looks, the largest amount of ram has been given to Outlook. Not uncommon for a piece of MS Office to go rogue. There are other ways to solve this but test the above methods first and if it persists, I'm happy to assist with more geeky solutions.

How to scan multiple pages into one pdf file

I’ve been practicing the scan routine and just realized that I didn’t ask you about emailing a document that is longer than just a single page. Not sure how to do this. Thanks.

You'll want to combine multiple documents into 1 pdf file. There are ways to do this after they've been scanned but luckily image provides a way to allow you to scan several docs then combines them into one pdf file before saving it or emailing.

Use the checkbox seen in the example below to combine all the docs into one pdf file.

Once the document is saved, a good way to tell the difference between a single pdf file versus a pdf with multiple pages is to look for the black rib on the left side of the pdf icon itself. Example below.

If you've already scanned multiple pdfs and need to combine them, there's a way to do that as well but image capture would not play a role in that task.

iPHone not resolving URLs when not on WiFi.

Why do I get this message and Rick’s always  safari works? Our internet is down and I am trying to use cellular. It happens all the time and he searches the exact same topic and his works. I checked our settings and they are the same. So frustrating …


First, make sure you turn off wifi completely. Secondly, there’s some oddness to the address you quoted….

Is not an actual path to a successful search due to the fact that the : is missing after https at the beginning. Also, there would need to be some punctuation after the “com” portortion of the address as well. comsearch would not work. So that seems broken. Not sure why the URL is formatting that way.

Also, make sure you’ve granted permission for each individual app, including Safari, to use Cell data. These settings can be found within the Cellular settings on your iPhone.

Next, download Chrome for iPhone and see if the problem persists across multiple browsers. This will tell us if it’s Safari’s fault of phone setting’s fault.

Why is my screen being recorded?

I just had this message pop up on my screen when logging in. Upon a quick Google search, I can’t tell if it’s a problem, a scam, or what. Figured it’s important enough to get your insight.

Any suggested next steps?


That absolutely does sound scary but here's most likely what's going on…In Apple's attempt to try to bring our privacy to the forefront, they are revealing/exposing potential security issues of which you may not be aware. However in their blunt fashion, they tend to overstate what's actually going on. My guess is that this statement should actually read something like "zoom has permission to record your screen the next time you are in a zoom session and you click to record your screen because you gave zoom permission to record your screen."

If that is the case, go into system preferences/security and privacy/accessibility/screen recording/ then uncheck any services you feel you don't need to grant access. You can always just flip it back on.

If it's not in Screen Recording, try Accessibility. That should do it.

I have duplicate contacts on my phone.

I have duplicate contacts on my phone. What do I do?


A couple things could be at play here.

1. You might have contacts turned on for more than one account. For example: google contacts, exchange contacts, iCloud contacts. If this is the case, just going into settings/contacts/accounts/ then turning off contacts for any email account other than iCloud would most likely solve the issue.

2. You may have the contacts not only in iCloud but perhaps copies “on my phone”. If this is the case, the best way to check that is to go into the contacts app, select “groups”, turn off iCloud. If you see a group called “on my phone” and you see lots and lots of contacts still on your phone then that’s the problem. The way we would handle that would be to do the to do the following:

on the phone; go to iCloud settings, turn off contacts. It’s going to ask you if you’d like to remove. Say yes.
wait about 2 minutes then turn contacts back on within iCloud. It’s now going to ask you if you’d like to merge. Say yes.
You should now no longer have any “on my phone” contacts as they would have merged into your iCloud account however, there could now be duplicates within iCloud.
If that is the case, you would next go into the Address book app on the computer and under Card in the menu bar, select “look for duplicates”.

Which VPN should I get?

Can you recommend a software for corporate security(vpn, firewall etc)

VPNs are a very good way to maintain your privacy when traveling or at home. A vpn usually comes as a computer application and an iPhone or iPad app as well so you would use the same log in to use either. The ones I point people to as first time vpn users most often are:

NordVPN (easiest to use)

As you become more experienced using VPNs you'll start to discover that not all are created equal and you may find that one vpn better suits your needs than another. (Example: trying to use your Netflix account when abroad) But for general privacy most of them are great.

For more info on VPNs, here's a great site to read up.
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