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Freshbooks and Acuity integration problems

Quick ? Is Acuity integration with FreshBooks any better now? I had to separate them awhile ago b/c it was maddening.

The main problem I have found is that when a client schedules a session in Acuity, it automatically generates an invoice but the settings of that client are not remembered. In other words, I still have to go into each invoice and set the reminder schedule and whether or not I accept online payments on each invoice. That's a pain.

The good side of this is that each client has an invoice already in Freshbooks which means I don't have to remember to create one and therefore run the risk of forgetting to bill. So because of that, I still use the integration.

By the way, when you create an invoice manually within Freshbooks, it does retain the settings of that client.

I have spoken with both Freshbooks and Acuity at this many many times and it's come down to this…
. From what I can tell, Acuity Freshbooks to make a change in their API (application programming interface) so they can better sync invoicing but Freshbooks hasn't gotten around to it yet. They're not blaming Acuity. They're saying they need to get around to solving it.
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