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usb-c adapters

Thunderbolt 3 vs 4

All the USB to USBC adapters I see are for Thunderbolt 3 plugs, will those work on a Thunderbolt 4 plug?

Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 are the same form factor so yes, the 3 connector will work interchangeably with 4. 4 isn’t faster than 3 but instead supports additional features that 3 could not like multiple 4K displays at once.

To make it even more confusing, now there’s USB4 which is the exact same form factor but has power and display limitations.

Ultimately it’s very likely the adapter you are considering will be just fine. They are all the same form factor and will fit within each other. You’d just have to get more specific if you had very specified needs like multiple 4k monitors or pushing 10 watts vs 7.
5 watts. Neither of these things are concerns for most people so you’ll be fine.

How do I connect my old headphones to my new computer?

  • I just bought a new MacBook Pro but there's no headphone jack. How do I connect it to my speakers?
  • ___________
  • You'll need a usb-c to audio jack adapter. USB-C is the future and will be the standard now for a long time to come but we are in the early days of it so we will be dealing with adapters for quite some time until everything either ships with the new form or is wireless. The old USB gave us 20 years of use. I think the new USB-C will be around about that long. It has been adopted universally by most companies. Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo, etc…
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