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File path of image on web page is wrong

I'm wanting to buy my son a used MAC for his birthday in a few days.  Any suggestions?  Do you have any extra Macs for sell?  Let me know.   Thanks.


I'd just check the usual suspects:  Craigslist, eBay etc...

I do get requests all the time for used computers.  And people do offer their old ones to me often but at this time it would be way too much for me to undertake refurbishing each computer to resell.

Website name is being doubled. Why?

FYI, since mobile me off, have never had another issue like b4 & even had everyone I called or was called mimiced & still didn't happen so convinced mobile me, new problem, with this new iPhone, my reception is dramatically worse in same locations, all my friends say they can't hear me & in locations I always used 2 use my iPhone, no coverage at all, I had the iPhone for 6 months & new 1 4  2 weeks & it is nite & day on coverage & dropped calls have increased 75%, could I have an iPhone with a defective  attena or something????


Unfortunately this would be much more of Apple’s call. They would recommend that you, of course, run all your updates as well as hard reset your phone (holding down both buttons until you see the red slider). They may even recommend that you restore your phone via iTunes. After you’ve tried those options then that may more easily rule out software and leave hardware or the ATT network more to blame. I can not speak for Apple so your best bet would be to take it to the G. Bar and let them resolve the issue.


Hey thanks 4 the quick response, called Apple store & on hold so then called AT&T & they said 2 come in & they would replace Sim card which u did 30 min ago & so far, reception & coverage so much better, they said Sim cards go bad, who would've thunk it. Will let u know, thanks!!!

And they said it could also be my Swarovski metallic case, oh no!!! Have you heard of metallic cases interfering with reception?

Anytime you have metal around electronics, there’s going to be the strong potential for interference. So yes, I would not use a metal case around my phone.
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