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December 2011

How to Unblock skype callers

Hi Scotty-
I cannot get my calendars, on my ipad, iphone and mac, to sync. What could be the issue??

If you are using iCloud to sync your calendars then you’ll first item to check would be to see if calendar syncing is checked in iCloud settings in system preferences on the computer and under “iCloud” on the phone’s settings. Another possibility could simply be that the calendars are unchecked in the calendar app and applications themselves. While in the calendar application on iPhone or iPad select “calendars” in the top left hand corner and make sure “show all” calendars is selected.

If you are relying on Google to sync your calendars then there are other issues that could be at play. More so than to go in to. Remember every Monday and Wednesday I’m online for
town hall at 7pm if you’d like to try that first.

Reverting to the original in iPhoto

Hey Scotty, I am getting this error. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Screen Shot 2012-02-07 at 8.53.24 PM

Time to either delete unwanted data, move your iTunes, iPhoto, or other large amount data to a secondary external drive (which should also be backed up via Time Machine, or get a bigger internal drive.

Where did Google go?

I downloaded all my iPhoto library from my backup, but when I try to open iPhoto, I get this:


I've run software update and even reinstalled iLife 09 from the discs, but I still get this message?  Thoughts?


Your computer may have shipped with iPhoto 11 or you may have purchased it from the App store which can be found on your computer. The version of iPhoto installed during the hard drive replacement would be an earlier version. If the newer version of iPhoto shipped with your computer, you can re-install it from the CD installation disc that came with your computer. If you no longer have the disc, you can also re-download it via the app store as well.

Need an ftp service

Apple store told me how to open up with fisc and change password- so I'm in, BUT neither Safari, iTunes , or iPhoto open- all say ".. Can't be opened because of  a prpblem. Check with developer to make sure these work with this version of Mac OSX. You may need to reinstall the application"...

All are up to date - what is happening? I have 8000 photos and 12000 songs- where are they? I had everything backed up I thought.

Sounds like you have an earlier version of the operating system and later versions of the applications.  I suggest updating everything.  Move to 10.7 Lion via the app store.  It should be available as a free download if you've already had lion in the past.  Then run software updates to make sure everything is as up to date as possible.  

Sharing a DVD drive with an Air


I tried typing in my client's skype name and it says I can't call them because I have blocked them.  How do I unblock them?

In Skype, go to preferences under “Skype” in the menu bar. Once there, select Privacy from the tabs across the top. You’ll then see “manage blocked users”. Click that and see if anyone is mistakenly listed. You’ll be able to select the person blocked and unblock them. Then hit “done”.
Screen Shot 2011-12-15 at 3.43.17 PM

Email accounts getting mixed up

you had showed me how to get and original picture back from iPhoto, even after it had been altered.  You did this w/one I had turned black and white and you were able to get the original colored version back into my collection.  I've tried and tried, w/no success, as I want to alter some pixs, but don't want to lose the original version.   Is it simple to explain?   Or do I need to wait until you're here.

Not too hard to do. In iPhoto, select the picture you may have accidentally changed and would like to get back to the original copy. Now go to the menu bar and select “Photos”. At the very bottom of that list you’ll see “revert to original”. Even if you changed the picture a year ago, you’ll still be able to get back to the original copy and all changes will be gone.

In the future you may want to duplicate the photo before altering it. That way you have the original and a copy you can play around with.

iCal server error probably means the password is incorrect

I was doing a few searches on Google.  I clicked on Google and it said remove item.  Thinking that it meant the request in the box, I clicked on it ---and Google went away.

How do I get that Google search box back on the toolbar?

In Safari, right click in the top of the Safari window and choose to customize toolbar. You’ll see the google search bar in the drop down menu. Next, select and drag it up to the top and you should be back to normal.

Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 11.41.26 PM

Firmware update available on Airport is causing blinking light

Need some advise on an FTP site.  We're getting big enough and are handling CAD drawings to the extent that it makes sense to have an FTP site.  Looking for your insight as to whether or not to house the FTP site ourselves or look to an outside vendor and, if yes, who?  Please advise.

If you had your own web site and space then it would be possible to just use the space you already rent on the internet for your web hosting, to also use for ftp file transfers.  However, if you don't have access to that or don't have your own site then you really then have two choices; paid ftp or free ftp.  

Free ftp sites are fine but usually have ads and don't really look all that professional when trying to push large files to a potential client.  

Conversely most ftp sites are more expensive than my tastes allow.  I pay approximately $50 per year with godaddy and have about 20 gigs of web space that I can ftp with if I want.  Paid ftp services will be between $10 to $30 per month.  A couple plans to check out...
Services and Pricing | Hosted~FTP~ FTP in the Cloud™
ShareFile - Pricing

and probably the most popular one:  
Online File Sharing, Send large files, Managed File Transfer, FTP Replacement, with No Email Attachments | YouSendIt

Saving text messages from your iPhone

How do I share the iMac’s dvd drive with my macbook air?

First go to system preferences and select sharing. Next check DVD sharing.
Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 10.53.31 PM
Now on the air, open a finder window and find “remote disc” on the left hand column under “DEVICES”. You’ll next be presented with prompt asking permission for the iMac to share its drive with the air. After allowing to share from the iMac you’ll see the disc that is in the iMac, available on the desktop of the air.

Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 10.52.37 PM

Erase the Time Machine drive on Time Capsule once a year.

Hi Scotty-
Every email that I have received recently has gone to my daughters email address even though I am sending them from my address. Any ideas? I have a google address...

You may be sending from her address and not be aware of it. To check what’s going on, go to Mail and select the preferences. Now look at accounts. Be sure your account is listed at the top. If it’s not, drag it to the top.
Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 6.53.14 PM
While you’re checking things out, go to the “composing” tab within the same window and be sure that you have the setting you want in the “automatically send…” tab.
Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 6.55.23 PM

Use the App store to find Lion

Hi…  calendar not working properly.  I Updated laptop events and did not show on main computer calendar.  Also, the server error on main computer is still coming up for calendar.  Any ideas?  Thanks,

The calendar server error is most likely due to the fact that iCal doesn't know the iCloud password.  In iCal, go to preferences then accounts.  Now re enter the iCloud (previously mobileme) password.  That should solve the iCal server issue.  Also, be sure to check your iCloud password in System preferences under "Mail, Contacts, and Calendar".  

Let's see how that works.  iCloud is very reliable in my opinion so I'm sure it's just a settings issue.  

Solid State drive in a G4 powerbook?

Why is my airport light blinking?

The most likely reason the airport is blinking could be due to a pending update.  7.5.2 needs to go to 7.6. If this is the case, then you’ll see a button to update to 7.6. Apple decided to cause the light to blink amber for this 7.6 update. Everyone’s airport routers are blinking.  However there could certainly be other reasons.  By opening airport utility and clicking on the status light the device will list the error(s) it's reporting.  Some errors are normal and can be ignored.  For instance, the error for default password for the device is fine.  
Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 6.27.53 PM

iCloud stopped syncing calendars

Do you have any advice on an app I can get for the Iphone 4 that will send
me copies of texts and a call log?  I am reading about different software
that I can buy but they all say I have to Jailbreak the phone- what is that-
doesn't sound good???

Also, I know Mac give the ability to put parental controls on the kids
laptops but wasn't sure how that worked- I need time limits and web access

PhoneView is the program you’re looking for.
PhoneView for iPhone and iPad - Save SMS, iMessages, Voicemail, Call History, Music, Photos, Notes - Ecamm Network

It will allow you to save the items on your phone you want. You will not have to jailbreak your phone to use this. But to answer your question…jail breaking is the term used when people add additional software to their iPhones that Apple didn’t allow within the app store. It’s sort of the “black-market” of iPhone.

As for parental controls, depending on the level of control you need, the built in parental controls are fine for time limits but as for web access you’ll want to look at
opendns. It’s my recommended method of keeping your kids from the bad areas of the internet. It is however, a bit involved in how to set up. Most kids are not savvy enough to find the work around but it IS possible. Nothing is perfect.

Sorting mail on iphone

I’m still getting the error message for time capsule.

Sometimes Time Machine doesn't want to cooperate.  Especially when it's been backing up for a year or more.  I think it may be a good time for us to take this opportunity to erase the time machine drive and start again.  It's an easy process but there are a few steps involved.  Essentially, from airport utility, you'd select "Disk" then choose to erase the drive.  Once you've erased the drive then you'll go to system preferences and reselect the drive in Time Machine preferences.  Not too hard.  Hope this helps. 

You'll want to be sure there is no data on the drive that is not included in the backup.  Usually there is not.  I don't recommend using the time machine drive as a storage drive as well.  That data wouldn't get backed up.  

Backing up before iCloud transition

Hi Scotty,
hope everything is well!!
I am getting ready to buy the new iphone and remembered
that you told me I would need to upgrade to operating system lion.
I can not figure out how to download it to my computer, I feel like an idiot : )))

Please help!!

From the Mac App store on your computer you’ll find Lion available for $29.99. To get to the app store look in your dock to find the following icon:

Pasted Graphic
If you don’t see it there then you’ll find it in your applications folder as long as you are running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or higher.

Time Capsule router reseting a cable modem? wait what?

Can I install a solid state drive in my powerbook G4?

Considering that your computer is a G4, it uses an older hard drive connection method called IDE.  The more modern format is SATA.  Solid State drives (being so new) usually only come in a SATA configuration which means it would be difficult to find a solid state drive for your G4 powerbook.

Skype to Skype vs. credit

Scotty, my ical stopped syncing.
Both the mail and contacts still are syncing but the ical is not.
I this an icloud issue or a setup issue on my computers?

I feel very confident that iCloud is not the issue.  It's most likely a settings issue.  Verify that calendar syncing is turned on on all devices under the icloud preferences on both the computer(s) and the iOS devices.  Next, go to ical's preferences then "accounts" to insure that icloud account is present there as well.  Lastly, be sure there are no local calendars listed in the iCal calendar list when selecting "calendars" under the top left corner of the ical window.  

How can I adjust the pw in Outlook?

After moving some mail around as you explained how to do that, my iPhone isn't sorted by received date anymore.

I don't know of a way to sort mail on the iPhone in regard to specific criteria.  I would think that it would still list it in chronological order.

iOS 5 removed my apps. Where can I get them?

Quick question - I just backed up everything again today using Time Capsule. I want to upgrade to iCloud (remember I'm a Mobile Me user) What should I do next? Is there anything I need to do with all my Mobile Me stuff to make sure everything comes over?
As long as you've backed up your address book and calendar via the "export ical or address book archive" command in each program you are good to go.  You'll need to be on 10.7.2 on all your computers and running iOS 5 on your iphone and ipad.  
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