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I have tried to back up my hard drive for the past couple of hours, and I have failed spectacularly. I have renewed my MobileMe account, downloaded the Backup 3 program, installed it. Now what? Also, my Installation and Setup Guide for Boot Camp tells me that I need Windows XP or Vista, but the copy I bought at Best Buy today is WIndows 7. Is that going to be a problem? Am I in over my head, here?



First, the program that Apple offers via mobileme inside your iDisk Called “Backup 3” is horrible! It’s the icon with the umbrella. Right? Don’t use that. I can not recommend it. Time Machine does a much better job although if you are looking to create a bootcamp partition, time machine will have nothing to do with the windows backup. You would have to use specific software within windows to truly back that up.

Now when creating a bootcamp partition, you will first use the bootcamp setup utility in the utilities folder and that will allow you to create the space needed on your drive. You are most likely using Bootcamp 3.0. And will eventually need to be updated to 3.1 but you can’t do that until you’ve installed windows 7. It is possible to use Windows 7 as your bootcamp OS. Most likely, the directions you are reading were written before Windows 7 was released. After you’ve created your partition it will ask for the Windows disc. Then it will reboot into the Windows setup. You may be prompted that your bootcamp partition needs to be formatted NTFS. If this happens, go into the advanced section and choose to format. Be sure you are formatting the windows partition and not the mac side. Be very careful here. Most likely, it will only recognize the bootcamp partition anyway so you should be fine. But always backup your data before you do this. After you’ve done all that, then you are ready to proceed with the Windows 7 install. After everything is complete, the last thing you’ll want to do is update to bootcamp 3.1. It’s an .exe file so you can only do it from within windows. Here’s the link after you are in Windows:

Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Windows 64 bit

Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for Windows 32 bit
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