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Back to my Mac

How can I turn on items in the left column tool bar?

I am unable to see that left column in the finder...the "Toolbar" is greyed out in view. I need this to get "back to my mac"

Click on the desktop so that you are in the Finder. Now go to the top left hand corner of your computer and select "preferences" under the word Finder in the menu bar. Now check the box next to "may to my mac". The item should now appear in your finder window on the left hand column. You may have to hit "shared" in order to display items within that category.

I can’t view the sidebar

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Now open a finder window and look on the left hand column.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.31.42 PM

Can't get to email stored in a folder

Emergency. I'll seeks up next time when we're back in town
In Charlotte, I put all mail related to s big project in a newly created mail folder, thinking I would see it in my mailbox when I arrived last night in Chicago. It's not there before I really create a problem, what can I do?

The most likely explanation is that when you created the folder, you chose to create it using the "on my mac" option instead of in the respective cloud of whatever email account you are using. Each email account has the ability to store folders in the cloud (on its server) so you have access to them on other devices. (as long as its an imap or exchange email account. pop email does not support this function)

One possible solution is to utilize "back to my mac". If you are away from home, you may be able to remote back into your iMac while away. If you have "back to my mac" enabled on the home computer within iCloud settings in system preferences then you might see it as an item in the left column of your finder window. You could select it and choose to "share screen" then move the items within email however you'd like. Note: "back to my mac" only works if the routers on both ends allow it to. Your home router is fine, but whatever router you may be connected to away from home could block that service.
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