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handbrake failing to read discs.

This is what it does. Gets stuck or frozen right here. So I am unable to download any of them. And it has happened on one chapter of another one as well. I can view them all on my external dvd through the computer but they won’t convert. 

If handbrake is having a problem reading the CD (and handbrake is VERY good) then you have a couple other options. You could check out an application called Uniconverter. (Previously called Wondershare converter) I've had great success with Uniconverter as well. It's free to try then must be purchased. Another method, albeit more complicated, is to try to build a complete .iso file from the CD then extract it after the data has been harvested, I believe both Handbrake and Uni will both create .iso files. An .iso files is a complete image of the DVD. It may be done in an effort to try to get the individual movies from a different format. Lastly, if neither attempt works, then it's likely the CD is just physically damaged. You could also try a different CD reader.

It's also possible that it's failing at one specific chapter but if you select the chapters above or below that potentially damaged chapter, you might be able to get some of the info. That is, if Uniconverter could finish the scanning process of course.
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