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Should I buy this ad blocking software?

Please tell me how I can prevent ads if not with this company. Is it not legit?

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This is complete garbage. I would not having anything to do with this company. This is a mass mailer pretending to care about you. It's written to sound like it's specifically aimed at you. But if you notice the "unsubscribe" link, you'll see it's just a mass email that was sent out to thousands of people. Stay away from this company.

If you are interested in blocking ads within a browser, my preferred plugin is called AdBlock. Keep in mind that anyone using an ad blocking tool will eventually notice that certain web pages will not be happy about that. Many web pages make their money based on the ads they have on their page. When you use an ad blocker, you are preventing them from selling that ad. Some pages will just put a nice message up saying "please consider turning off your ad blocker" while others will be more blunt about it by saying "if you don't turn off your ad blocker, you're not seeing this page".

This is all related to webpage ads not to be confused with junk mail. Junk mail is not related to ads. Two separate issues.

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