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junk mail filtering

Why am I not getting all my email?

Problem not resolved from last session- still have settings with junk and spam coming in brown to my inboxes.

Junk mail settings in Apple’s Mail program have three tiers:

Level one: Mark it as junk (brown) but leave it in your inbox.

Level two: Move junk automatically into your junk box therefore not even seeing it unless you look in your junk box.

Level three: (never used) perform custom actions.

Keep in mind junk mail filtering for any account happens at TWO levels. It happens at the server level (your email provider) before it ever gets to you. Then it is filtered again once it arrives in your email program on your computer. (No junk filtering software exists on the phone level). This means Godaddy is filtering a bunch of stuff you’d never want to see like drug ads, adult ads, etc…. So most of that never gets to you. Then Apple’s Mail is using the settings from above to apply even more junk filtering.

Important: Whenever you get an email that has been classified as junk, be sure to select “not junk” in the menu bar at the top of mail. The email should automatically move from the junk folder into the inbox. Or, if you have “mark as junk mail but leave it in my inbox” setting as discussed above, clicking “not junk” would change it from brown to black.

I suggest you choose the second option in Apple’s Mail settings “move it to the junk mailbox”.

Another very important setting to be familiar with is the frequency that Apple’s Mail program deletes the junk folder. It is possible that email has been marked as junk then deleted too quickly. To set the frequency, go to settings then select “accounts” at the top then “Mailbox Behaviors”. Next find “Erase Junk Messages” and choose one, day, one month, or never. You probably want to choose month or never so you have plenty of time to find any mislabel emails.

Account with ( had to reset password, had them send 3 times but never received any of the 3.
Acxxxxxx sent confirmation of order( and then a second with pick up time - I don't have either.

We would want to check the following:

Log into the web browser version of your email and check the email account from your browser first. This eliminates Apple’s Mail as a suspect if it can be found in a folder on the web. Keep in mind, junk and spam are the same thing so you’d want to look in either of those folders then if you find either the minted or ace hardware emails, select them, mark them as “not junk” then move them into your inbox.

Lastly, you’d want to check that you don’t have any specific rules set up to manage mail. This is doubtful that you have rules that would effect either of these senders but it’s worth checking by going to “Rules” in Settings. You can see the Rules selection in the top right corner of the previous screen shot.

Don't need to conference at all - just need it fixed this time please, but will be available if you need to chat, thanks!

Managing junk mail can be so frustrating. I hear from clients often that they missed an important email due to it being marked as junk. I also hear from people upset at the amount of actual junk mail they get also. Unfortunately there is no perfect solution, only compromise between too much or too little filtering.

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