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Mission Control

What are the squares at the top of my screen?

What are these squares across the top?


This is a feature on the Mac that allows you to build spaces or areas that are essentially multiple desktops that you can then change between. This was originally designed to help laptop users with small screens use much more space by creating multiple desktops. The idea is that you can have one environment with a browser and contacts for instance, then have a completely different area with say a calendar, email, etc….

Most of us are fine with just our one desktop space so you probably won't implement this feature into your daily routine. So, if you'd like to get rid of them, just hover your mouse over each square at the top row and you should see a small "x" appear in the corner. Click that X and the space will go away. If you had assigned any apps to that space, they will just move to the next space.

This feature is only visible when you've triggered "Mission Control" which is usually assigned to F3 on your keyboard but also available in the applications folder.
This image is a theme.plist hack