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Why is my new display fuzzy?

I feel like the resolution on my screen is a bit blurry. Maybe it’s just not as good as my old Mac. The resolution is set to the recommended setting. Any ideas?

Couple of things to check. First, you can play around with the resolution within the System Settings on your Mac. Select "displays" then select which display you want to affect. In this case, your external display.
You'll then see "show all resolutions". You may find one there that is better for you. Different displays support different qualities of resolution. I personally don't really care for the ultra wide displays such as the one you're using. I prefer a more standard size. Graphics chips in modern Macs also prefer more standard sizes. It can also come down to how much you spent on a monitor. Chances are, if you spent under $250 for the external monitor, there's a chance the maximum possible resolution may be below what you'd like. For instance, on a standard size monitor 1900x1200 would be considered fuzzy these days compared to the 300x2000 higher res.

The monitor itself will have settings on board as well. The interfaces to change those settings is usually controlled by a couple of small buttons on the display and the menu to navigate through those settings is usually pretty terrible also.

do you do hardware repairs? My screen is broken.

I have a MacBook Pro that isn’t working properly. The screen when you flip it up shuts off when it gets past a certain degree. We contacted Apple and they said it’s something with the hardware which I know nothing about. They recommended a certified Apple repair shop in Fort Mill that would need to take the computer for 3-4 days to fix. This is my only company computer that I use every minute so hoping to find a better option if possible.

Sorry to say I don’t do hardware repairs. Yes, the problem you are describing is 100% a hardware issue. There is a cable that goes from the display to the main logic board that, as you open and close the display, the cable flexes and over time can bend so many times it goes bad. Think about it as if you were to bend a paper clip back and forth many many times. The paper clip would break. That ribbon cable is most likely the damaged piece. I wish I could help but I no longer do physical repairs due to the time involved, liability, and cost/profit margin.

I realize how tough it is to be without one’s computer. The good news is that the computer itself is probably fine so in the short term you could just connect it to an external monitor and continue working until time permits for you to be without it for several days. No one will be able to turn that repair around in hours or perhaps even over night. It’s pretty involved.

Why is there a line on my screen?

Do you know how to fix the white line down the side of an iPhone x?

That’s very likely a screen replacement.

Screens work by displaying dots on an x and y axis (sort of like the game Battleship). Each dot has a set of coordinates. When one pixel dies, it’s barely noticeable. You may see a small dot not the same color as the others. But when you see an entire line going across a display, that usually means the whole line is not getting the information and therefore are just showing one color. This is not solvable by software or a simple reset. This is usually a hardware failure.
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