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How do I convert a pdf file to a picture?

I have a PDF of a schematic that I need to convert to an image for uploading. Is there a simple way of doing that? Also, of making it a photo?

Several ways to accomplish converting a pdf to a jpg or png.

1. Just take a screen shot using command+shift+4 then drag the area you want to select as a screen shot.
This will drop a png file onto your desktop. Keep in mind tis is only for one page at a time.

2. Use preview to export to a jpg. Under file go to Export then select jpg.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 10.08.43 AM

Creating a transparent layer with Preview


I got you name from another client, a new QuickBooks client of mine. I have another client in Greenville, SC who is now on a Mac but needs to load her QuickBooks 2010 for Windows on the Mac (and abandon the old Windows machine). Do you provide services from remote, or is there someone else in the Greenville, SC area that you recommend?


I do do remote sessions via computer and could assist your client in choosing the correct choice of software to get up and running via virtualization.  ie:  running Windows on their Mac in order to run the Windows version of Quickbooks.  

They can schedule directly online at or join us on Mondays at 7pm just to get other simple questions answered for free at  If you would prefer to have a local consultant then I recommend checking and searching by zip code.
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