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Replacing a Dell with a new Mac using remote access

When I had my old pc I used Pc Anywhere on my laptop when I traveled.  Do you know of other programs I can use or is this the best one to communicate with my home computer when gone

There are several ways to remote back to your apple computer at home. Perhaps the easiest is mobileme. It’s $99 per year and you’d need to have both the router at your home and the router you are connected to while you are away set to UPNP. That allows the service called “Back to my Mac” to function. You can share the screen and move files as well.

Another solution is LogMein. There’s a free version that works fine. I find it to be a little clunky personally but you get what you pay for.

Then there’s the more full featured software like GoToMyPC by the good folks at Cisco. It’s more costly but works well. You could also try it free for 30 dyas.

I would start with LogMeIn and see if that does what you need.

Formatting Bootcamp partition and updating to 3.1

Is it true that when something is deleted from trash, that there is no way to ever retrieve it again?



It’s certainly not easy. Avoid doing it if at all possible. But it’s not impossible. I’ve recovered deleted items from the trash but it can sometimes take a very long time. Drive Genius is my tool of choice for this. it’s not a guarantee but I’ve had success with it in the past. A good bit of information can also be found here: Recover Deleted Trash Files on Mac OS X  Recover Files, Emails, Photos, Data Mac - Retrieve Trash Files Mac

VMware can't connect to the internet

Hi Scotty!  I'm having a strange problem.  Neither of my computers can open my school website.  I've checked my preferences and settings and don't see anything wrong.  I can get on any other website I want.  I've called friends with MACs and they can get onto the website.  What could be wrong?


So I wonder do you have a filtering program that could be preventing the website from loading? The Mac’s parental controls will prevent password protected areas from displaying like or While you can see the front pages and browse, the moment you try to log in, the parental controls will block it.

Have you tried another browser like Google’s Chrome or Firefox? Can you access it on any other computer in the house?

Did this just start happening or has it been ongoing?

Bootcamp vs. Virtualization

Having trouble getting Windows 7 to connect to the internet from within VMware version 3. Using Snow Leopard and pointing VMware to Windows 7 installed as a boot camp partition. It connects fine in Bootcamp but when the Mac is on and VMware is in control, it can not see the internet connection the mac has.


Ok, this one is a little difficult. Proceed at your own risk. Of course you’ll want to back up your data within Windows 7 first. Now, drill down to the following folder. users/library/application support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot camp/%2Fdev%2Fdisk0/ From there, now you will need to right click on the “boot camp partition” file and choose to show package contents. Now find the file entitled boot camp partition.vmx. Right click that file and choose to open with text edit. You may have to select to show all applications because it may only want to open the file with vmware fusion itself. If you’ve made it this far you’r close. Almost done. Now you will be presented with a text file of garbledy goop you probably don’t understand. It’s ok. Now select the very last line. Make sure you on on a line where no other text is. You may have to hit return to get to the last line. Now insert the following: ethernet0.virtualDEV = “e1000”

Save the file. Quit text edit and reopen VMware fusion and then Windows 7. Windows will now automatically install an ethernet adapter driver it apparently didn’t have before and the rest is history.

More details here:

If that didn’t work, reinstall VMware tools.

Bootcamp won't create a partition.

Hey Scotty!
One of the 1TB HDs in my Drobo is "bad" ... anything I can do to fix it? Or do I just need to replace?  Am I okay operating with the 3 that are in there until I need more space?


If the Drobo says it’s bad then you need to replace it asap. I wouldn’t even bother trying to fix a drive. Once it fails, don’t ever trust it again. That’s my motto. it’s not worth paying around with. You can buy a great drive from newegg these days for low cost. - Computer Hardware,Hard Drives,Internal Hard Drives,1TB and higher,7200 RPM

Option Boot to switch between operating systems with Boot Camp

Hi Scotty
Yesterday, I got a message to do something and all my mail would be transfered.  I didn't know what it was so I didn't do it.  Now, all of my old mail is gone.  Do you know what I can do to get it back?


If you are refering to your email you might first try logging on to your email account at their website.  There is a chance that your mail is still on their server.  Since road runner mail is POP based there is a chance it may have been deleted from one computer but may still exist on another or server.  POP mail is also flaky in that each client that has access to it has the the right to remove it from the server so that another client will not show up on another computer.  

In other words, after you resolve this, it's time to move to Gmail!

Partitioning for Bootcamp

I have purchased the AutoCAD Architecture 2009 program and know it is supposed to run on PC but want to see if the iMAC specs
will work. The requirements are below
If I want to get a MAC are any of these compatible (or with additional upgrades?) or do I need to get a PC? 

64-bit AutoCAD 2009

(The 64-bit software cannot be installed on a 32-bit operating system)
  • Windows XP Professional x64 Edition operating system
    Windows Vista 64-bit operating system
  • AMD Athlon 64 processor
    Intel EM64T processor
  • 2 GB RAM – 4 GB Recommended
  • 3.5 GB free hard disk space for installation
  • DVD Drive

The iMac as a peice of hardware should work just fine however, you'll most likely use it in Bootcamp. This means that Windows will have its own partition on the Mac hard drive and you'll selectively be able to boot into windows only or Mac OS X but not at the same time. Switching between the two operating systems will require a restart each time. You could run windows inside virtualization but, in my opinion, due to the 64 bit requirements of AutoCad, you may want to avoid any potential complications and run in Windows only.

Snow Leopard with 106.1 has settled down quite a bit. Interesting that Apple put out an update so quickly. That says a lot. But it still doesn't natively boot into 64 bit. You'll have to hold down 6 and 4 at start up in Snow Leopard to run in 64 bit mode. This doesn't help the Bootcamp windows side but just a FYI. Just be sure you're running Vista 64 bit on the bootcamp side and you should be fine.

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