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iPad smashed.

Scotty – my children are trying to download certain games from the internet to the iMac.   When they download, and you click on the button, a window pops up that says “cannot play in DOS mode”.  My kids say they know how to change out of DOS mode, but I don’t have any idea what the implications are of doing so.  In general, I find accessing downloaded files cumbersome to open on the Mac (especially if they are zipped)…any suggestions on the right step? 
Also, do you think we should schedule a session to learn how to use iCloud, or is it relatively straightforward?  My wife tried to implement it, but has some new gmail account that wont download, and I don’t know what is going on.

DOS is a computing language primarily associated to Microsoft and Windows. Most likely, if you are seeing any prompt on your mac that states anything to do with DOS you have probably downloaded the wrong game file. There ARE DOS emulators that some people use to play old games but those are generally only used by advanced users.

iCloud has a few features that people won’t generally find on their own like photo stream, document sharing, etc… I would be happy to assist or you are also welcome to join our Town Hall session Mondays at 7pm to try to get a better understanding of what iCloud does. In regard to the gmail account you mentioned, it’s very common to see homes with multiple Apple ID’s. It’s possible that your gmail account was used as an Apple ID but may not be the actual one you want to use with iCloud. We can straighten that out as well.

New iPad rumor? no.

My Godaddy email account is not storing my email messages in the sent box. Where are they?

I'm sure the sent messages are at least stored locally but they may be in a folder other than the one your looking into.  Try looking around within your folder architecture to find another "sent" or "sent items" folder to see if your sent messages are placed there.
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