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September 2013

buying a refurbished iPad

 I had to buy a new Mac Pro this AM to replace my dead laptop (it died this AM after backing up with Time Capsule--thank God).  Can you send me instructions for partitioning the laptop like we did before ?


Using spotlight, go to disk utility. Once there select the internal drive in the left column. It should be the first one listed. Now to the right, select “Partition”. Next choose “2 partitions” from the drop down menu just below the words “Partition Layout”. Now drag the horizontal bar up or down so it reflects the ratio of size between the two partitions. Lastly, select “apply” in the bottom right corner.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.25.08 PM

Once the drive is partitioned, now you will need to install OS X onto it, boot to it then re install Final Cut X. You could try option booting to the recovery drive then selecting the partition to install 10.8 onto. After installing OS X, you can log into the App Store on that partition and redownload Final Cut 10. Lastly, you’ll want to re add the templates you commonly use.

Partitioning an active drive without having to erase it was not always possible so I still cringe every time I partition my internal drive while in use. Technology is amazing.

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