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Does your payment system take Credit Cards?

Question - Freshbooks is easy to use when people have a paypal account.  The reason I want to use a company like Freshbooks is not only so they can pay it themselves (I could always just send an invoice through Paypal), but because I don't want clients to have to use paypal.  Most of my clients don't have paypal.  I need them to be able to use their debit card with $400 on give me $375 without having to sign up for anything....just by plugging in their info. ___________

With freshbooks, you should be able to pay via a credit card without having a paypal account.  The money is deposited into your paypal account but the client should not have to create a paypal account in order to use it.  That’s why they have the visa, mastercard, and american express logo in the invoice.  

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Hey Scotty,
Hope you are well!
My Macbook Pro is really getting hot and I suspect is making the ball spin.
I read online that Leopard Snow has caused this issue.
Should I remove Snow???


I doubt that it’s Snow Leopard. There may be background processes that are running that you don’t know about. You can view what’s happening through a program you already have on your computer called “activity monitor”. Select to view all processes. It will show you what’s running as well as how much processor power each process is taking as well.

Many of these processes are absolutely necessary so don’t panic.

I recommend a piece of software called istat menu. It pulls info from activity monitor and posts it directly in your menu bar. Very usual to figure out what is running. Also monitors the temperature sensors inside your computer as well.
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