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Does your payment system take Credit Cards?

Question - Freshbooks is easy to use when people have a paypal account.  The reason I want to use a company like Freshbooks is not only so they can pay it themselves (I could always just send an invoice through Paypal), but because I don't want clients to have to use paypal.  Most of my clients don't have paypal.  I need them to be able to use their debit card with $400 on give me $375 without having to sign up for anything....just by plugging in their info. ___________

With freshbooks, you should be able to pay via a credit card without having a paypal account.  The money is deposited into your paypal account but the client should not have to create a paypal account in order to use it.  That’s why they have the visa, mastercard, and american express logo in the invoice.  
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