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Working around Airplay/Fairplay over to AppleTV

How can I vpn into my UK account to watch BBC or ITVX on my appletv?


Block after block after block. So far no success. But I’m not ready to give up. There are so many different angles to attack the work around of the DRM. I do feel that IF you already had the ITV app installed on the AppleTV, then simply using the NordVPN app with the UK IP address would allow the App to stream directly from within the AppleTV itself.

The problem is GETTING THE APP ON THE APPLETV!!! Worst case is you could (and should) take it with you when you travel next and just download it while you’re there. However, in order to do that a few things have to be true. Not only do you need to have a UK IP address, but also you need to have logged out or or cancelled any Apple Music subscription. THEN, you need to go and switch your AppleID account to the UK region. So it may not be as easy as getting off the plane, joining somebody’s wifi in the UK, then connecting your AppleTV to a tv and downloading the App.
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