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April 2024

Just use iCloud backup for your phone

I'm trying to backup my phone to my computer and I can't find how to do it.

If I were you, I would not use the computer to backup the phone. The cloud is the preferred way these days and happens automatically. Remember I mentioned you can’t do both and must choose. To see if iCloud backup is turned on, on the phone go to Settings: Select your name at the top: iCloud (5th item down): scroll down to Device Backups and select iCloud Backup. Make sure that is toggled ON.

Unless you have a compelling reason you feel you should be backing up to the computer, I would just allow the phone to backup to the cloud.

Don't encrypt time machine drives

My external backup drive is asking for a password and I don't know what it wants.

Looks like you may have chosen to “encrypt” the backup hard drive that Time Machine uses and may not know the password. I don’t personally recommend people use encrypted backups for this exact reason. Easiest thing to do here would be to just wipe the external drive and let Time Machine just start over again.
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