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Allowing calls to be made and recieved from other devices.

Scotty, no problem receiving calls on my laptop. Haven’t figured out how to call out, including from an email message with the telephone number. Any suggestions?

Few things to consider in order to make sure phone calls are coming and going to whichever devices you prefer. First, on the phone check to make sure "Allow Calls on Other Devices" is checked. On the phone, go to settings/phone/Calls on Other Devices. Turn it on at the top then turn on all the devices you want calls allowed to be received and made from. This feature is different from FaceTime audio calls.


Now on the computer, go to FaceTime. Select preferences from the menu bar and check that "Calls from iPhone" is checked. That should do it. If you don't see your phone number listed in the FaceTime preferences, that means your phone number is not currently associated to your iCloud account.

Adding your phone number to iMessage

Scotty, texts that I send from my laptop are not showing up on my phone and vice versa. That is a new phenomenon since you were here and set up my new computer et. al. Any ideas what I have done to it??

Sounds like your phone number is not currently associated to your apple ID. To fix this, go to your phone: settings: messages. Now log into your apple ID to use with iMessage.

Next open iMessage on your computer. Now go to the preferences for that application. You should now see your iPhone phone number. Messages will now appear on both devices but deleting a message will not sync. That feature is not yet available.
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