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July 2009

making an alias with mobileme

I am going to hurt someone... then start drinking!  What have they done to the new iWeb!  I cannot seem to get my website re-published.  I bought more space, as it says I don't have enough... I go to publish and log into my account... and it says that only 1 gig is used and it will not publish my site!  Also, I want to back-up my address book, etc. but I cannot click on the buttons!

This is really, really frustrating!  The IWeb program says I need more space on, meanwhile, nothing is being backed-up, published, saved in the 59 gig of space I just bought!



Ok. the first thing you’ll want to check is the space allocation on your iDisk. All your galleries, media, iWeb stuff, etc... is saved on your iDisk but by default it’s 50% email 50% storage. Two things to check:

1. Go to system prefs then mobileme and select iDisk to see what the usage bar says.

Next, go to and login to view your system prefs. Here’s where you can change how much is allocated to each function. I usually reduce my email amount to around 2 gigs or so.

You may also try republishing your iWeb page completely as opposed to only updated pages. That function is in iWeb. Overall, iWeb is good to start with but I outgrew it and moved to RapidWeaver. I’ve enjoyed it very much ever since. More power but also a little harder to use.

To address the address book problem...You sometimes have to clear the server info and replace it with your address book on your computer. First, back up address book by creating an address book archive from the application itself. Next, go to your mobileme prefs in system prefs again and check your sync settings. Now go to advanced and select to replace address book data on the server with info from your computer.

The settings you need to know for your email.

Hi Scotty. The boys messed up the sound again. Do u remember what u did.


Yes, go to system prefs and sound then be sure that “show sound in menu bar” is checked.

Quicken and Dropbox

scotty-i installed the hp program on my wife's computer successfully,but could not complete setup because it says the printer model is not listed.i need help.please advise!


I would suggest directly plugging in the printer so the Windows machine has no problem detecting it. Window’s HP installer sometimes has the ability to detect the printer on the network but I’ve found you’ll save some time and frustration by just plugging the printer’s usb cable into the windows box long enough for it to install the proper driver. Then add it over the network later. That’s windows for you.

I'd love some feedback

Scotty, do you know this company?  Thanks Hard Drive Data Recovery


I've not had any interaction with this person.  I checked the site and would approach with caution due to the lack of personal disclosure on the site.  

Please let me know if you use them.

Customizing a toolbar

I need to make a new email account with a different name.


The first thing I would suggest is to set up an alias for yourself.  You can do this by logging on to then going to the mail section.  Next, go to the little gear icon in the top and select mail preferences.  
Now you'll see an "aliases" button.  Select that then create your new alias.  This will allow all mail sent to that alias to show up in your inbox.  You can also send out as that alias.  

Try that first.  

Child going to college. What computer to get?

Hi.  I was given your card at the Apple store when they were unable to hook up my email to go to my iphone.
My husband and I both have Iphones.


I would be happy to assist you however, the guys/gals at the genius bar are very bright so it may be more of an issue that we're missing information.  
There are several questions we have to know the answers to when setting up email.

Do you know your incoming and outgoing settings?
Is your email account IMAP, POP, or Exchange?
Does your connection require SSL?  
Is authentication required?  If so, does the username require the "" tag as well as the username?

All these questions can come into play and if one is unknown email can fail to work.  

Mac crashes on Screen Saver

Hi Scotty,
I have been having a problem with drop box and quicken.  It just doesn't work for me.  I found this on the drop box website and wondered if you knew a way around it.


Sorry for the delay in responding.  You might try making a full backup of your quicken files (QIF) instead of just the regular saved quicken files.  Then on the next system, choose to restore.  It's not a great solution but may work.  Just back everything up first.


Screen Sharing on the Mac

So I have an idea...

I’m considering adding a new feature to my business that would be free of charge and open to any past clients. Here’s what I’m thinking of doing. I’d like to create and host a weekly online support group in the form of a screencast where clients can participate online for say about one hour on a Thursday or Friday evening. (say around 8pm or so) Each online attendee would be able to view my screen and or allow others including myself to view their own screen during the session. We’ll also be able to all chat together via voice through our computer’s microphones. The goal here would be to use our community of mac users to help each other learn to use our macs in a new way. Each session would focus on a different application. Like iphoto one week, iTunes, another...etc....

Chances are that if you’ve read this you may be intrested. Please email me and let me know if this is something you’d be intrested in participating in. I think it would be fun and be a chance for us to help each other figure out these boxes of colors we call computers.

Does the Airport Extreme replace the need for a modem?

I dont' know what happened, but I am going crazy!  I no longer see an arrow pointing to the left, so I can go back to the previous webpage.  Do you know how I get it back?  There is only the + sign there to bookmark.


All you should have to do is customize your toolbar.

1. Go to the View menu in Safari then select “customize toolbar”.
2. Next drag the arrows back into the safari bar above and you’re done.

Replacing a Time Warner router

My youngest is going to college starting next month. She wants a Mac
laptop. Other than size and cost is there a difference between the13 &
15 inch models. Anything she needs beyond the basics? Can you Sync her
ipod desktop and laptop for her?


I don't see her needing anything beyond the standard macbook.  And yes, we can move her music over to the new computer and sync her ipod to the new laptop as well.  

Is time machine backing up everything?

Scotty thank you for your help.  There is a glitchy thing in System Preferences with Desktop/screensaver.  It crashes almost immediately I have had to perform a force quit every time - which is many!  I've never been able to set up the screensaver.  It worked fine when I connected the mac book directly to the monitor.  Any ideas?  

update: Problem occurs in second user as well.

Next step is to try to isolate if it's one screensaver module in particular.  Does it happen if you switch to a different screensaver within the system preferences?

Mac Mini hard drive replacement gone wrong

Can i share my daughters pc screen?  How do i set it up?  Can we link her pc so her itunes contacts etc update on the mac?  do we have to subscribe to mobile me?  and if yes can you subscribe as a family?


Yes, you can share your daughters screen within your home network. All you need to do is enable screen sharing in the “sharing” preference pane inside system preference. MobileMe is not required for that however, MobileMe does many things like sync contacts and calendars between two computers logged in under the same account. MobileMe does not sync iTunes libraries across multiple computers.

There is a family pack membership available from Apple for up to 5 users I believe. For more info on mobileme, go to:

Apple - MobileMe - Your iPhone, Mac, and PC. In perfect sync.

Mac OS X 10.5 Help: Sharing the screen of another computer

Mac OS X 10.5 Help: About screen sharing

How to create a book in iPhoto

If I buy the Time Capsule or the Airport Extreme will there be a need for the Time Warner modem?  Aren’t both of those modem/router combinations also?  Thanks

yes.  You would still need a modem.  The modem from TW.  The modem's job is to convert the internet in from the coaxial cable coming into the house to ethernet.   The router's job is to distribute it around the house once it's been converted from coaxial to ethernet.  Airport extreme or time capsules are routers only.  Not modems. 

Looking for a cheap mac for kids


Question about the Time Capsule:  We have 2 laptops, another pc, and my iMac.  The iMac is version 10.5.7.  Would it be possible to back up my Mac using the Time Capsule and then have a dedicated hard drive for the other devices?


 Currently our modem/router sits upstairs and my Mac is downstairs.
totally fine.

Also, I didn’t do a very good job explaining to my husband why we will still need a modem from Time Warner.  Would you explain that once more?
TW is "renting" the router functionality to you since you don't have your own router.  But the actual modem is part of your basic internet service.  Right now you have a router modem combination device.  You may want to think about trading in the router/modem for just a modem.  Then you'd purchase your own wireless router that will work alongside the modem.  this would reduce that extra monthy charge from TW just to rent their router.  You can purchase your own router such as a D-Link, Netgear, or Airport (or Time Capsule with hard drive)  It would be more money up front but you'd save in the long run.

 I wonder if they’d let us pick up a modem before turning in the modem/router so that we wouldn’t lose connectivity during the day.
They would only trade.  Not allow you to hold on to 2 at the same time.  Very doubtful anyway.  

Settin one email addess as the default in Address Book

When I go into the time machine, the only thing I see is my desk top.... this does not seem right...


When you go into time machine, can you see a history and within that window can you select (for instance) your documents folder then move back in time?

What mouse can you recommend?


1- I took your advice and replaced the hard drive on the MAC Mini (watched some u-tube).  I can't get it to recognize the video, how do I install the OS?  I think that I am in over my head.  Suggestions . . .

2- I have a 2.5" 40gb hard drive from at PC at work (it crashed - NO backup); do you have suggestions on reputable places to send it off for data recovery?


1. If you replaced the drive correctly and remembered to connect the cables correctly, then you should be able to boot from a Leopard startup disc by holding down the C key. This will boot to the disc and allow you to reformat the new drive under Utilities in the menu and selecting disk utility.

2. Drive Savers is very popular although they are also quite expensive. Charlotte has a company called Data Recovery Group. Maybe a bit more reasonable.

Blackberry or iPhone?

Can’t figure out the book thing but maybe you got my earlier question.
Thank you--


Apple has a tutorial on creating books within iPhoto.  Hope this helps.

iPhoto Tutorial: Apple - iLife - Tutorials - iPhoto - Automatically Create an iPhoto Book

Accidental Damage to a Macbook LCD

Hi Scotty - quick question - I am thinking about putting a mac in my middle daughter's room (almost 6).  Big sister seems to have thrived since she got hers at about same age.  Any thoughts on a modest (read cheap) way to get a used mac.  I suspect the computer will take a beating and will only be used for surfing a few kid's websites.  Of course - this may cause me to get a new machine and hand down old macbook.


As far as a kid friendly, low cost, mac...I'd check eBay for an early intel like an intel core duo (not core 2 duo).  These will be much lower cost and still be fine for simple kid use.  Don't get a G5 powerPC based machine.  There's no future with PPC.  Also, avoid sellers on eBay who want to raise the cost by including additional software.  

itunes HD rentals clarity

Hi Scotty!

Hope you are having a great summer!  Can you please answer a question for me that would save me a whole lot of time???  I have created a group in my address book - each entry is a family at our school, some families have 2 or 3 email addresses.  When I go and try to email everyone by pulling up the group I have made, how do you get all of their emails to come up.  When I have tried to do it, only the first email entered in their card is shown.  It seems like I can only choose one and not all 2 or 3 of them - do you know if you can change this???  Please let me know when you get a minute.


short answer: You would need to create a contact for each email that you’d like to send within your address book group. That’s kind of silly since it would mean having essentially several duplicates of the same contact.

long answer: Doesn’t completely solve your question but may serve to be a possible substitute solution.

(taken from Mac Address Book tips: 5 more handy hints -- Reality Distortion: Macs, Mac OS X, and Apple stuff)

“Address Book lets you set a default email address to use for each contact in the group. What’s more, this is on a per-group basis, so you can use a contact’s work email for one group and their home email for another group, for example.

To do all this, choose Edit > Edit Distribution List. Click a group in the left column, then go through each email address, clicking the address you want to use for each contact (the selected address is in bold):

Now the next time you compose an email to that group, the selected address for each contact will be used.
(You can also set each contact’s default
physical address and phone number for the group - used when printing contacts. To do this, click the Email column header and choose an option from the pop-up menu.)”

Mac Address Book tips: 5 more handy hints -- Reality Distortion: Macs, Mac OS X, and Apple stuff

iPhone 3GS can wait

I am having trouble with my mouse. Can you recommend a brand to replace it with?


Most any usb mouse will work but you’ll want to consider how the mouse feels in your hand. It really comes down to personal taste. I prefer the more Expert trackball from Kensington:

Kensington Products?Mice, Keyboards, and Trackballs > Trackballs

Any on that link are very good.
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