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I have duplicate contacts on my phone.

I have duplicate contacts on my phone. What do I do?


A couple things could be at play here.

1. You might have contacts turned on for more than one account. For example: google contacts, exchange contacts, iCloud contacts. If this is the case, just going into settings/contacts/accounts/ then turning off contacts for any email account other than iCloud would most likely solve the issue.

2. You may have the contacts not only in iCloud but perhaps copies “on my phone”. If this is the case, the best way to check that is to go into the contacts app, select “groups”, turn off iCloud. If you see a group called “on my phone” and you see lots and lots of contacts still on your phone then that’s the problem. The way we would handle that would be to do the to do the following:

on the phone; go to iCloud settings, turn off contacts. It’s going to ask you if you’d like to remove. Say yes.
wait about 2 minutes then turn contacts back on within iCloud. It’s now going to ask you if you’d like to merge. Say yes.
You should now no longer have any “on my phone” contacts as they would have merged into your iCloud account however, there could now be duplicates within iCloud.
If that is the case, you would next go into the Address book app on the computer and under Card in the menu bar, select “look for duplicates”.

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How do I get Lion on phone and iPad.  I  synced it but it didn't load??

Lion is the operating system for the computer, like an iMac or a laptop. It’s actually Mac OS X 10.7. You are thinking of the operating system for your iPhone and iPad. That’s called iOS 5. The way you get iOS 5 on your devices is to connect them to iTunes on your computer using the cable and you should be prompted that there’s an update available. It’s pretty large so it can take some time to download. After you’ve updated all devices then you are ready to move to iCloud. iOS 5 on you iPhone and iPad is free. Lion was a download from the app store and you would have paid $29.99 for that.

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I would like to know what you think is the best app for the iPhone to replace my Garmin NUVI and if there is a downside to using the iphone for if a call comes in what happens.

In my opinion, the best GPS app for the iPhone is by far: Motion X Drive and Motion X GPS. One is a directional app and the other is more of a tracking app. I love them both. Drive has voice directions for around $20 per year and well worth it. I use it every day. I use the GPS app on my sailboat every weekend. It will track your speed and pathway then you can email yourself and others your full trip as a kmz file which will overlay on top of Google Earth. Love IT!

As for what happens when a call comes in, on ATT it’s business as usual. The call will interrupt briefly but will continue to track. I’m just not sure on Verizon as that network does not allow for voice and data at the same time.

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Hi Scotty
Do you know of a way to view flash websites on the Mac products?  Is it possible?  I read something about the cloud browse app.

There are a few apps that state they can play flash embedded code from websites within their own app environment. iSwifter and Skyfire are a few to check out. You can also just search for them directly in the app store. I’ve not used either but would guess the experience is not perfect. Use/purchase at your own risk. Reviews are not stellar.

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I can’t get my Outlook calendar to my iphone. Do you know a way to fix it?


Apparently Microsoft Office’s Outlook for 2011 syncs Contacts to Apple’s address book very well but doesn’t yet support syncing calendars. It’s rumored online that Microsoft will push this out in a future update. But for now, if you want to get your calendar from Outlook 2011 on the mac to your iphone it either has to be an exchange account or you’re out of luck.
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