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We need a new computer for our home and it has to be a windows machine.
We already have a mac but need an additional computer for the kids for homework and CCDs kids don't like macs because they are not used at the school.

I see.  That's a battle I've been fighting with CCDS for quite some time.  I’m not happy about their stance at all.  I've had several clients who also send their children to school at CCDS run into walls when it comes to home computers.  

I understand your dilemma and see the reasoning for buying a windows machine.  It just frustrates me that they can not send out the message to parents that using a mac is ok and completely compatible.  Office on the Mac works fine with Office on windows.  It's the same company!  And any website they may send you to that is only written for internet explorer is just bad programing on the web designer's side.  As a matter of fact, several private schools in Charlotte have already started adopting more universal answers to Office anyway like Google Docs.  

It all comes down to the CCDS IT department's inability to grow with the times and realize that Windows is loosing market share rapidly and Apple is on a massive surge in the industry.  (shares closed at $315 yesterday).  They are dealing with their students with blinders on and it's very frustrating to me.  

Sorry for the rant.  By the way, the best windows computer is a mac.  Just install windows on it.  

They make me so mad!

Office Fonts problem

Hope you are well and remember me.  You came to my home about 9 months ago and helped me set up windows on my mac.  Anyway, I have a quick question.  Once in awhile I will be working in windows and walk away from the machine for any period of time.  When I return, I get a message that states that the virtual machine has paused and do I want to restart - If I say yes, it restarts windows which I don't think is good however I don't know how to restart (i.e., unpause) without doing that.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help.


This article may better explain the difference between pausing and suspending and give you some insight into how to change your Parallels settings to better fit your work habits.  
Suspending and Pausing a Virtual Machine

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