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Why isn't my computer on the internet?

The internet is off for one of my computers but the wifi signal looks good. Why am I not on the internet?

´╗┐In wifi settings, go to Advanced. Find DNS. Remove any DNS numbers and replace them with and You should then seen Apply. Let me know if that resolves it.

Any idea what caused the problem?
Should I have seen DNS numbers?

When there are no DNS numbers in settings, that means that the computer is relying on the router to do that work. Sometimes a simple restart will resolve the issue. Restarting sends a request to the router to start taking to the computer again. The numbers I provided above are very useful and generic DNS numbers directly from Google. I often just apply those instead of using the router's (therefore your ISP's DNS numbers.)

DNS servers may need to be changed

I cant get online to even schedule a session with you. I can get internet and can get on some websites but not others. I can get mail, but cant get on Alibaba or CNN for instance. The kids are unable to get on their classes.

This sounds like...

A: a temporary issue that should resolve
B: if not, then it would most likely be related to the DNS your router is using.

DNS is sort of like the phone book your computer or router uses to translate a web page into an IP address. For instance, if you want to go to you are actually going to a string of numbers like 75.654.254. That translation from letters to numbers is DNS and you can use many different DNS servers. Think of it like a phone book. If I want to call Bob, I don’t dial “Bob”. I hit that name and the phone is dialed for me. When you DNS server settings are broken, the result can be that some pages load and others don’t.

If you are still having issues by this afternoon, email me back and I can try to assist remotely however working on network issues remotely can prove to be troublesome. We would need to proceed with caution. I will most likely not be making onsite sessions until phase 2 of the NC COVID rules apply. (About 2-3 more weeks I think). ugh.
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