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iCloud Photo Library not updating

My iCloud photo library doesn't seem to be completing the upload sync.

I've had several clients complain that their iCloud photo library is not updating completely. This seems to occur with very large libraries. It can be frustrating as we have no control over forcing the pics to update. The best strategy I've found is to first make sure your upload speed is very strong on your network by having your computer close to your router or even better, directly connected via ethernet. Secondly, sign out of your iCloud account on all devices. Then resign back in and re-enable iCloud photo library syncing in either Photos preferences or System preferences iCloud preference pane. You can then go back to Photos and in preferences and check to see if the progress has started back on the upload once again.

Can I get a deleted text message back?

Urgent-is there a way to retrieve texts kids have deleted? School is involved And I need them thx

If their phone was backing up to iCloud then it may be possible to restore an older phone using that iCloud backup. It depends on how long the text message sat on the phone. You could also contact the phone provider but it's not easy. The FBI can usually subpoena to get them but they don't normally just retrieve them for customers. So restoring from an older iCloud backup is your best choice. Problem being that if the message was not on the phone very long, chances are it may not have been included in an iCloud backup since those only happen over wifi.

When Youtube is not Youtube.

Hey Scotty,  new one on me.  Went to youtube official page and now a popup saying I need to send my name and password to '  force quit does not help.

Sounds like you've run into an ad. This is a very convincing ad. Usually poses as a different site and force quitting and restarting your browser only takes you right back to the same place. There are bad guys out there that buy domain names very similar to popular ones. For example, if you add an extra y to you will go to a completely bogus site.

Should be a simple fix. Force Quit Safari and before restarting, hold down the shift key. That should get you back on the safe internet again. You will also want to open safari preferences and check extensions. Uninstall all extensiions.

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This image is a theme.plist hack